Kwaku Annan and Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) are to hold fire

Feature Article Kwaku Annan and Kennedy Agyapong Hon are to hold fire
SEP 21, 2022 LISTEN

How I wish the immediate past host of the Net2TV “Hot seat” programme, Kwaku Annan, and Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) and their fans, agents or assigns, would hold fire.

It will not augur well for both Kwaku Annan and Kennedy Agyapong should they continue to wash and dry their dirty linen in public. Every serious human being has a secret in their life, whether that secret is good or bad.

There are secrets in the lives of people that should forever remain so. Once such secrets become public, they may have the potential to dent one’s reputation for good, or some enemies may capitalise on them to disgrace or ruin one’s life.

When someone confides any secret in you, regardless of whatever situation that crops out later, try to keep that thing confided in you absolute secret.

I have come across social media platforms that are hyping the sacking of Kwaku Annan from Net2TV following the abrupt discontinuation and removal of the “Hot seat” programme by Kennedy, the owner of the station.

Instead of seeking amicable solution to the disagreement come between Kwaku and Kennedy, they have rather taken to throwing dirt at each other with the supporters of both of them threatening to reveal damaging hidden secrets they know about one another.

I find that attitude by both camps irresponsible.

I have since the predicament of Kwaku Annan not heard Kennedy engage in public conversations threatening to reveal secrets about Kwaku Annan but some social media platforms or bloggers are putting out information to the contrary. However, Kwaku Annan according to same media platforms is said to readying himself to reveal secrets he knows about Kennedy.

If he did, it will become like the proverbial saying, “If a crocodile emerges from underwater to inform us of the death of mother crocodile, we do not dispute it, because it lives underwater with her”.

How will it profit Kwaku Annan, Kennedy Agyapong or their fans, if they begin to sling dirt at each other? Will both not end up becoming losers and disgraced individuals in the hawkish eyes of the public?

Why have friends yesterday suddenly become enemies today? Can their differences not be resolved through peaceful meanings but resort to injurious threats and revelation of secrets? Should that be their resolve, then I will treat their means of settling their differences or justifying their actions as very childish. They can’t smooth out this sticking problem by accusations and counter accusations against themselves.

This is not the right time in the life of NPP-flagbearer-cum-presidential-aspirant Kennedy Agyapong to involve himself in exchange of bitter words or revelations of injurious secrets, if any does exist, between him and his once buddy employee, Kwaku Annan.

Timing in any activity is of essence, therefore, Kennedy and Kwaku must be careful about how they sling dirt at each other.

What will both of them gain if they revealed damaging secrets about one another? Have their employer/employee relationship gone that sour? Was their employer/employee relationship and friendship just superficial, like beauty which is only skin deep, unlike ugliness that cuts across the bone?

Let both of them and their fans note that the tongue and teeth that live in the same cavity do fight, yet they settle their own differences. They don’t invite anyone from outside to come and help them settle their differences when they fight. Why not Kennedy Agyapong and Kwaku Annan do same?

Kennedy, please bring back the programme; reinstate Kwaku Annan and ensure that he apologises to Dr Alhaji Mahammudu Bawumia for his insults heaped on him.

I will advise Kennedy to be a deep thinker but not just a wise and intelligent person from today forward, a prospective presidential-candidate, if not president, as he is. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Peace gives a much longer, if not permanent, settlement to a problem than the resort to insults and brute force.

Whosoever will can freely avail themselves of the overflowing fountain of wisdom of the writer of this publication.

Rockson Adofo

Wednesday, 21 September 2022