Badu Kobi Is Not A Prophet, I Have Already Written About The Diabolical Plans Of The NPP Government

Feature Article Badu Kobi Is Not A Prophet, I Have Already Written About The Diabolical Plans Of The NPP Government
SEP 20, 2022 LISTEN

The assertion made by a so-called prophet named Badu Kobi that the NPP will win the 2024 elections but it will be bloody and deadly is not a prophecy from God but rather the man's assumptions in light of the ruling government's abhorrent failure and plan to rig the elections once more.

President Akufo Addo made it obvious to Ghanaians just a few weeks ago that he would utilize his position to ensure that his party wins the election before he leaves office. I've been writing articles all along warning the government that if they try, things will be very horrible.


Any intelligent person can readily predict what can occur in the upcoming elections, therefore what Badu Kobi said is hardly a divine prophecy.

Akufo Addo is a man who wouldn't bother to kill thousands of Ghanaians to get what he wants because he knows he will get supporters behind him to blame John Mahama as the one responsible for the violence. This is also one of the reasons I wrote the article that if care is not taken, Akufo Addo will be the first Ghanaian leader to face the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

On August 5, 2022, I stated in an article titled "Ghanaians Will Never Know Who Akufo Addo Is If They Don't Know Him By Now," that even though Akufo Addo refers to himself as a "human rights lawyer," he loves violence and will use it to further his interests. Therefore, what Badu Kobi is calling a prophecy is not accurate because it is simple to predict what can occur in Ghana.

Even Bishop Duncan Williams acknowledged that and has warned the government; therefore, if Akufo Addo has ears, he should pay attention or disregard the warning. Nevertheless, the ICC and many other foreign organizations are keeping an eye on the political and economic developments in our nation.

The head of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa, has been planning this for a very long time because she is fully aware that if a new administration is elected, not only will she lose her position, but she also risks being charged with the deaths of people who were voting, which may land her in jail.

The majority of Ghanaians, including many NPP supporters, have lost interest in Akufo Addo, as a result of his unrestrained corruption and arrogance, but he is unwilling to submit because he finds it difficult to recognize his failure.