What Aisha Huang's Unethical Behavior Signifies For Other Foreigners Outside Of Ghana

Feature Article What Aisha Huang's Unethical Behavior Signifies For Other Foreigners Outside Of Ghana
SEP 18, 2022 LISTEN

Many foreigners have taken advantage of the chance to visit the former Gold Coast and conduct crimes there with impunity since they are aware that Ghana is among other countries as a highly peaceful, with nice people, where if you commit a crime, the perpetrator will enjoy the law with impunity because of their love for God.

Since he took office six years ago, Akufo Addo's administration has struggled with issues of corruption and criminal activities. Aisha Huang, a thieving Chinese woman, has been involved in illegal mining activities in the country with impunity. Now that there is news about her, the case may be lost as usual because certain important NPP politicians are thought to be responsible for the woman's crimes in the country.

The fact that Aisha Huang previously broke the law in Ghana and was never prosecuted, tells eloquently about the lawlessness of the nation, which invites criminals to engage in criminal activity or engage in illegal mining without facing any repercussions.


People being displaced or fleeing terrorism are a familiar sight in many African nations. If the Ghanaian government, the immigration, and the national security boss, Kan Dapaah, can't even inform Ghanaians how the Chinese criminal sneaked into the country, then suggests that anyone, including terrorists, can enter the country. Photo credit: Toronto Star

In China, a Ghanaian would have been severely punished for the same offenses that Aisha has committed numerous times in Ghana while remaining unpunished. According to the NPP administration, Huang was reportedly arrested and deported a few years ago when it was determined that her illegal mining activities were harming the surrounding community and environment.

It is unclear if the woman was deported, as Ghanaians were led to think, or if she was allowed to remain in Ghana and carry out her atrocities. It gives the idea that anyone, including terrorists, can enter the nation if the Ghanaian government or immigration can be so ineffective and fail to stop Aisha Huang's return.

Ghana has failed as a nation because many of its citizens work with outsiders to degrade their ecosystems and contaminate their streams because of poverty. Politicians and chiefs in a mining region can't possibly be unaware that illicit mining is taking place in their town because they receive a portion of the proceeds from all the illegal mining, and many of the chiefs are supporting the Chinese Mafias ruining our ecosystems.

The Bible explicitly states in Matthew 10:36 that "a man's enemies will be the members of his household." This is true of the Ghanaian country as well. That implies that Ghanaians, including the chiefs and politicians, are to blame for the country's lack of development. Because everything in Ghana is politicized, the fight against corruption has been pointless.

If, as many media outlets have reported, Aisha Huang did manage to return to Ghana after her deportation, then Ghana has some of the world's weakest security measures in place, making it possible for any criminal, including terrorist organizations, to enter the country and carry out any desired crime without being caught. This is among the causes of the government's calls for citizens to exercise caution.

The NPP administration consistently exploits the populace, yet they never pay attention to their complaints. I'm still upset that the present administration disregarded the public's pleas to stop the implementation of the E-Levy. Thousands of livelihoods have been destroyed by the bogus taxation system when the E-Levy failed, even though the NPP administration has been in power for more than six years and has failed to provide jobs for the average person.

The fact that this criminal Chinese woman was able to acquire a Ghanaian identification document while many Ghanaians are currently having trouble processing their identification documents demonstrates how corrupt the NPP government is as well as how their greed and selfishness can endanger people's lives. According to the criminal Chinese woman's current defense attorney, she is married to a Ghanaian.

Whether Aisha Huang is married to a Ghanaian or not, that wouldn't stop her from receiving the proper justice if the nation's justice system is effective because, in my opinion, there are some Ghanaians serving time in prison all over the world, including China, despite not having committed the same serious crimes as Aisha.

Many people will agree with this writer that Ghana is a country that never put corrupt politicians behind bars for their misdeeds, which is why our country has crumbled. How do you anticipate this NPP administration would imprison Aisha Huang as a result? Because Aisha possesses in her possession of the majority of the NPP politicians' secrets in her pocket, she cannot be put in jail. Time will tell, and this writer will remind you of that.