17.09.2022 Feature Article

A Peep Inside The Ghana Circus

A Peep Inside The Ghana Circus
17.09.2022 LISTEN

K1 – Koo, you won't believe this but…

K-2 – You have managed to obtain an exclusive interview with Aisha Yuang?

– Hahahahaha! I should be so lucky! No, but…

– You have seen letters from “influential” persons close to the President, telling him that they are resigning from their posts because they have severally embarrassed him and exposed him to public ridicule…..?

– Ghana should be so lucky! Have you heard of any Ghanaian who has ever held his head in his hands, expressed regret and said: “Mea culpa! Ergo, I resign!”?

– But we inherited our public service system from the British and there….

– Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister when he deceived the nation about his activities during the Covid-19 lockdown?

– Yes.

– And before him, Theresa May?

– Yes, yes. They do resign over there. But we are now independent and don't need to copy anything from them.

– Yes – this “we are independent” mantra answers every question doesn't it? We are so independent that we independently allow foreigners to kill our water sources; we independently allow our Immigration Service to be unable to say whether they allowed a deportee back or not…

– Deportee? Are we sure that we deported anyone?

– No, we are “not sure!” But…

– Do we know why our Attorney-General issued a “nolle prosequi” to stop the prosecution of the person we are not sure whether we “deported”?

– No!

– Do we know why our Attorney-General has once again intervened in the prosecution of the “alleged-deportee-who—has-returned”?

– No. But….

– Aha? The Attorney-General gave the impression, did he not, that he was going to supervise the prosecution himself this time and so the court should remand the accused, pending investigations?

– Yes! But….

– But didn't the lawyer of the “deportee-who-returned” remark to the media, during the second appearance of the “deportee-who-returned”, that the charges against her were “minor” and that the Ghana media had “over-hyped” the case?

– Yes, but…..

– Have you read the Ghana Minerals and Mining Amendment Act 2019?

– You mean Act 995?

– Yes.

– No, I haven't read it. But….

– Well, go and read it and tell me whether there is any offence in that Act that can be described as a “minor” offence!

– You are not suggesting that the Attorney-General has allowed the “deportee-who-has returned” to be charged under a law other than Act 995?

– Well, wasn't there an earlier Act of 2016 that was amended by the 2019 Act? Under that Act, were galamsey activities treated as relatively “minor!”

– Yieee! What are we doing to ourselves in this country?

– You want to know? We have “independently” allowed our police service to keep mute over why the prosecution of those who killed a 70-year-old woman (Ama Hema) was ended. She was burnt alive in broad daylight for witchcraft, ELEVEN YEARS AGO!

– What? Are you kidding?

– Go to the web and click on: Ghanaian woman burned to death for being a ‘witch’

Ghanaian woman burned to death for being a ‘witch’

Evangelical pastor among five people arrested for dousing 72-year-old Ama Hemmah in kerosene and setting her ablaze

– Oh, I remember! It was a front-page story in the Graphic?

– Yes, and since the prosecution was stopped, the question “WHY?” Has been asked again and again. But no answer and no-one bothers to find out why there is “no answer.”

– Not even her Member of Parliament has followed it up?

– No!

– Nor the Ministry of the Interior?

– No!

– Nor the Cabinet Secretary?

– No!

– Nor the Chief of Staff?

– No!

– What about the “The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, CHRAJ”?

– No! The “CHRAJ” lack of curiosity, in particular, is most difficult to understand. For this is a case that should light up all the buttons that alert CHRAG to breaches of our human rights laws.

– Hmmm! Every word concerning our law and politics has been copied from somewhere else. But when it comes to implementing them, we, pretend, as a “proud and independent” nation, that we can “op out!” To us, ideas expressed in words, are just words, full stop.

– Koo, so how will we end up?

– Oh, don't worry. It's very nice to sit down and be praised by foreigners for being “independent and sovereign!”

– Foreigners will change the colour of our water for us and tell us that it is our own sovereign and independent people who took them to our water source?

– Yes! They will also remind us that it's our people who feed and house the foreign galamseyers and who give them excavators and bulldozers to ruin our environment and pollute our water?

– Yes!

– They will applaud us if we fail to brief our own elected President about what we do in Ghana's name?

– Yes!

– But that IS treason!

– Ha! Ha! Isn't treason a mere imported word?

– When will it stop?

– It won't stop until we bombard our officials with requests for CORRECT ACTION. Right now, we should ALL be sending petitions to our President to request that he sets up an independent enquiry into why he was placed in a position of not being “sure” whether the alleged deportation occurred or not; and how he was led to make a “mistake” about the “deportation”, in the first place.

– But that can cause the President embarrassment?

– Ah? Is he not embarrassed already? What we suggest would rather save him from future embarrassment!

– And also set a precedent which other Presidents can follow?

– Yes! What one President has learnt from experience would be the best guide to another. A new one.

– Koo, oyiwa! [There you are!]