RE: Aspiring NDC chairman for Damongo is being punished for being ungrateful—Savannah NPP Organizer

Feature Article RE: Aspiring NDC chairman for Damongo is being punished for being ungrateful—Savannah NPP Organizer

I have taken notice of an Interview granted by my good friend, Aboagye Nana Kwame, the NPP Savannah Regional Organizer, which was subsequently published by Nkilgi FM on its website. I wish to state that most of the issues raised are false and are only attention-seeking machinery employed by Nana Kwame.

First and foremost, I was wondering about the locus with which my friend was speaking. Worse of it are the unrelated issues he decided to raise and the empty, self-serving questions he posed and sought to answer. I wish to ask my friend and brother, Nana Kwame, to look back into his party and try to spot the big hole his so called Messiah of an MP, Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor is creating for the NPP in Damongo and the region at large. It will take them a long time to fill that hole, especially the case that they are refusing to see it now.

He intimated that the NDC in Damongo is condemned and cursed, and can never get back together. Well, same was said about him when it was alleged that Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor funded his opponent's campaign in the NPP Savannah Regional Contest in 2019 or so.

I want my friend to avert his mind to the coming of Samuel to Damongo in 2017 till date, and be objective enough to tell me which of the two parties has had a negative impact and which one will be described as condemned.

During the Constituency elections in 2018 which got Nana Kwame elected, it was clear and we all were witnesses to the support Abu Jinapor gave to then Chairman, Mr Mbemah. In fact, in that election, Abu Jinapor’s most preferred candidates were Chairman Mbemah and Mr Ayuba Seidu Jackel against he, Nana Kwame and now MCE for West Gonja, Hon Musah Kusubari. On the day of the elections, it was alleged that Hon Samuel Jinapor was at the residence of the then DCE, Hon Muhaz Saeed and was openly seen dolling out envelopes to delegates and telling them who to vote for. Apparently, his two most preferred candidates (ie Chairman and Secretary) lost. The others who won, including my master, Mr Inusah, Porous and the others staged a serious opposition to the Nana Kwame Regime which landed them in court ultimately. Attached is the interim injunction notice filed by Nana Kwame and Hon Musah Kusubari against the others in 2018.

Fast forward, we were told that even before the national delegates conference in Koforidua, Hon Samuel Jinapor had abandoned Chairman Mbemah. In fact, the reports I got was that he outrightly blocked Chairman Mbemah so that the latter couldn’t reach him via any phone calls or texts. Indeed, supporters of Nana Kwame hooted at Hon. Samuel Jinapor at the former’s fuel station, with some of them threatening to beat him up after the said elections. These happenings are a matter of public record.

The same Hon. Samuel Jinapor who Nana Kwame Aboagye wants the world to accept as a Messiah, was said to be the one who disintegrated the bond between the big 4 in the NPP in Damongo (ie Hon Albert Diwura, Hon Sulemana Nyadia, Nana Kwame Aboagye and Abass Azumah). It was rumored that the first meeting to disintegrate the big 4 started off without Albert Diwura, where the three planned to get rid of him by throwing their support behind Abu Jinapor to be the sole candidate for the NPP for the 2020 elections. This conspiracy clearly manifested at the opening of the NPP constituency office in Damongo where then constituency chairman, Nana Kwame, openly declared his support to Lawyer Samuel Jinapor to the display and dismay of Hon Albert Diwura. This was the beginning of the disintegration of the big 4.

Subsequent to these were stories of conspiracies and some mafia tactics employed by Samuel Jinapor to bury any potential opponent or threat to his ambition—fair in politics though. Then comes the big betrayal and set up against him, Nana Kwame. It was largely rumored that seeing the influence Nana Kwame wielded especially with the youth in Damongo, Hon Samuel Jinapor set a trap to get him out of his way. So, the suggestion that he should move to contest the regional chairmanship position, which he gladly obliged, with the hope that he will get the full support of the “money bag”. It turn out to be the biggest scam, as it was being discussed around NPP circles in Damongo and Savannah Region. Assuredly, Chairman Kwame lost to Chairman Kalamonia and the rest is history.

The last bit of the Mafia works of Hon Samuel Jinapor is in the very recent NPP Damongo Constituency elections. We were told Hon Samuel Jinapor asked some people to step down for his favourites to go unopposed. That didn’t happen, so, he openly campaigned against them. Attached is the audio of his aide, Kewura Jimah, telling delegates who the preferred candidates of Samuel Jinapor were. Even in the subsequent regional elections, it was an open discussion that Lawyer Samuel had his own candidates against the candidates of Dr Clifford, one of the most respected politicians in Gonjaland. A post made by the aide to Samuel Jinapor, Mr Kewura Jimah, making the case that Dr Clifford was against Nana Addo, is a clear testimony to these internal power play within the NPP in Savannah Region.

The very final rife rumor in town is that Lawyer Samuel Abu Jinapor, my MP, is working with the current Regional Chairman, Regional Secretary, Regional Organizer and some of his appendages within the regional executive committee to get Dr Clifford out as the Savannah Regional Representative at the National Council of the NPP and replace him with Lawyer Abu Jinapor.

There are several other issues I can discuss which I won’t, because they are privileged information and some of them are not good for public consumption although we are playing the political game. So, nobody should push the other.

All the big names in the NPP in Damongo are either locked up or sent on political exile in the name of appointments by Hon. Abu Jinapor. Should we discuss this one too?

Given the above narratives, I want to ask my good friend Nana Kwame to reflect and tell us which of the two political parties (NDC and NPP) has been condemned and cursed. Your wounds are hidden because you are in power, and people are afraid to speak up, given what Abu Jinapor and his boss, Nana Addo can do.

Finally, lorry fare from Damongo to Tamale which used to be GHC 8 in 2016 is now GHC 30 in 2022, ploughing and acre use to be GHC 70 in 2016, it is now GHC 150 in 2022. All of these are caused by Lawyer Abu Jinapor and Nana Addo. Let’s discuss them. Next time, mind your business, Mr Nana Kwame.

I come in peace.

By Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese

(Youth Imam from Laribanga)