Apesokubi Health Center receive vitamins for maternal care

By Alex Boafo || Contributor
Health Apesokubi Health Center receive vitamins for maternal care
SEP 12, 2022 LISTEN

The Apesokubi Health Center in the Oti Region has received Prenatal Vitamins enough to cater for 120 pregnant women.

The Presentation was made on behalf of the La Constance Center for Global Health by Nana Otwere Boafoa Kurontihemaa of Apesokubi.

Present at the function were Dr, Osafo Acquah Krontihene of Apesokubi Traditional Area, Nana Otwere Boafoah , Apesokubi Krontihemaa, Nana Afariwa Kyedom Apesokubi, Nana Kwabena Achempong and Apesokubi Nkosuohene Divisional Chief For Development.

Okogyeaman Kwasi Aseidu Koram I, Paramount Chief of the Apesokubi Traditional Area said he hoped that the NGO would respond to some of the other needs of the clinic to improve the quality of healthcare delivered to the patients.

Nana Boafoa thanked Dr. Aniapam Boafo, a Gynecologist in New York and President of La Constance Center for Global Health for the donation and hoped that the Non-Profit Organization would support the Clinic meet other demands.

She said pregnancy and delivery take a toll on women when the quality of medical care is not apt and hoped that prenatal vitamins would help pregnant women in the area.

The Nursing Staff present were equally excited and indicated that the items would help with their interaction with their patients and improve their outreach.

The Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Statistics in Ghana are high according to the Sustainable Development Goal Statistics of the UN prompting the need to improve the situation. The major causes of maternal morbidity and mortality are hemorrhage (excessive bleeding), hypertensive disorders and infections. The vitamins would address particularly hemorrhage and the well-being of pregnant women.

The Vitamins were made possible by the partnership with the Vitamin Angels Foundation of the USA.