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We have worked hard all night and caught nothing

We have worked hard all night and caught nothing
12.09.2022 LISTEN

I. SON OF MAN, receive your miracles this week to do great and mighty things for the Lord. Receive your miracles to rise from any dead bed, any dead fellowship, and receive your power to get out of that bondage. This week you shall encounter the power of God for the restoration of sight, and any spiritual blindness shall give way, for God shall miraculously touch you. This is your week for healing, God shall restore your health. RECEIVE THE MARVELLOUS GRACE OF GOD, WHICH SHALL EMPOWER YOU TO OVERCOME.

II. DAUGHTER OF ZION, this week, God shall direct your path to a strategic location for your miracles. This week, God shall miraculously direct your destiny helpers to meet you for the fulfilment of His WORD. Sister this week, God shall restore the fertility of that land, that dead seed's power to procreate has been restored this is your week to sow that seed. THIS IS THE SEASON FOR THE MIRACULOUS RESTORATION OF GOD'S WORD IN YOUR LIFE.

III. COURAGE BROTHER, you have just entered and embraced your miraculous power to breakthrough any barricades and strongholds on your pathway. This week, through the power of Christ Jesus you shall receive reinforcement to continue the battle for you shall win. This week, fill those waterpots with water, for you are about to encounter the power of transformation. WHATEVER THROUGH THE SPIRIT OF GOD YOU HEAR FROM HIM AND THROUGH HIS WORDS DO IT.

IV. BRETHREN IN CHRIST JESUS, God has activated your miracles and breakthroughs receive it. This week, Christ is telling you even though you have worked all night and nothing to show for it, launch out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch. This is a DIVINE WORD FOR MIRACULOUS PERFORMANCE sent forth through the Authority of Christ Jesus and serve to the brethren through God's Vessel Francis Ameyibor, Yes! Master, we have worked hard all night and caught nothing, but nevertheless, at your word, we shall let down.

V. 2022 MY EMPOWERED SEASON TO DETHRONE AND ENTHRONED - And when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net started to break.

PRAYER: LORD through your power I shall launch out again into the deep even though I have worked all years without any catch. At thy WORD LORD, I will take up my bed and walk again. LORD through your WORD I PATIENTLY wait for my miracles this week through Christ Jesus’ name I pray AMEN.

REF: John 2:6-10

Luke 5:4-6

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