11.09.2022 Feature Article

When we are lucky to have 'the president' as 'the president'

Benjamin Kwame AmankwaBenjamin Kwame Amankwa
11.09.2022 LISTEN

An interesting factor that makes the difference between African leaders and leaders from Europe is the thinking by African leaders that they are born to rule their people and that the ruled must be grateful to have them as leaders.

Leaders from Europe and some other parts of the world on the other hand see leadership as an opportunity, the like that many others who qualify for the same do not have. . This thinking influences the actions and inactions of these two groups of leaders.

In Europe, we see leadership manifested in a commitment to making an indelible positive impact on humanity. The development of social institutions and full-proof political systems devoid of individual interests learns credence to this. The reverse is the case in Africa, where leaders see themselves as gods to be worshipped. This myopic mentality and egotistical approach to leadership has led most African countries to the doldrums. One such country is Ghana.

Because most leaders in Africa see themselves to be ordained by the oracle, they are unchallengeable and unchangeable and they do not accept the contributions of ordinary people towards the development of their countries.

A couple of days ago, our president on a public platform said we are lucky to have him as a president. Yes, we are lucky to have him as president. Are we not? Especially when we consider the fact that the Ghanaian currency is the second worst currency in the world. Are we not lucky when we consider the fact that our finance minister's bank is the one that advises the government to go for more loans, increasing our debt to GDP ratio whilst his company benefits astronomically from each transaction the country engages in?

Are we not lucky when, in the face of the high cost of living, skyrocketing inflation and poor management, the arrogance of the government in admitting the facts and calling for stakeholders' engagement is in limbo? Indeed we are lucky.

We have been too charitable to them. We have entertained their nonsense for far too long and we must rise. Rise and save Ghana from the ashes of destruction. Rise, and save the country from the cabal that forced us into modern-day slavery. We must be united in this endeavour. The time is now.

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