Religious Indoctrination Is Killing Several Ghanaians

Feature Article Stop indoctrination
SEP 7, 2022 LISTEN
Stop indoctrination

Several innocent souls are being lost at our hospitals every day because of their religious beliefs.

Based on laboratory tests and examinations, you could see that your patient needs a blood transfusion but he/she will reject it based on religious beliefs.

Some are pregnant women, who need blood to survive and protect the pregnancy, but will still say NO!

Some will have complications and will need CS, and because of that, they will need a blood transfusion to stay alive, they will still say "NO".

What makes me sad, are the ones below 18 years of age. Some will come in dying and the only thing that will save their lives is blood transfusion and the parents will object to that.

In 2007, I was in a hospital in the Ashanti region. We lost a newly born baby and a mother because the pregnant woman refused the blood transfusion on religious grounds.

Before dying, we explained everything to her and that of her husband and the consequences of their rejection and they told us in black and white that, she should die and make it to Paradise to get blood to stay alive, and then go to hell later. I couldn't leave but wanted to do everything possible to convince these beautiful and innocent souls not to expire.

I just remembered the number of patients I've seen die and the ones who "may" die someday because of religion.

Can't the state protect the vulnerable (below 18 years)? Because they're very innocent and they keep dying day in and day out.

Sometimes, when you close from work, you find it difficult to go home. Because of the things you saw and heard. And you keep asking yourself lots of questions about life in general. Emotionally weak health professionals, later turn to alcoholism and smoking.

Aban! Help us save lots of souls who keep dying and will keep dying if nothing is done about these religious things.

Life is not fair!