22.08.2005 Feature Article

Gizella Shut Up; Kufuor Zip Up

Gizella Shut Up; Kufuor Zip Up
22.08.2005 LISTEN

Since Ms. Yadji is a foreigner of no significance, I don't have much to say to her than "show the evidence or then shut up". I am troubled about the man we elected to lead us. President Kufuor has displayed gross negligence by appointing a foreigner with very dubious background as his presidential advisor (or project manager). What in God's name was he thinking when he made this appointment? Don't we have enough competent Ghanaians around? The president's advisors, loyal constituents and “attack dogs" are calling this woman a liar, blackmailer, b***h, w***e, etc. Where were the so-called advisors when Kufuor, with the backing of Osaafo-Maafo, appointed a foreigner as an advisor? This appointment gives an insight into how appointments are made in the Kufuor administration. No background checks. It's all about whom you know and if you look like an “obroni” all the better. The paler your skin, the more likely you'll be believed by the Kufuor administration. “Obibini” is doomed in his own backyard. The president and his “attack dogs” are yet to deny Kufuor had a “sexual relations with that woman”. The denial is about the twins. Consequently, a reasonable assumption is that “hanky panky” took place, but the twins never materialized. My advise to our president is: ZIP UP (your trousers) or then Give Up! You can't have it both ways. PS: The president is a catholic. The Pope forbids Catholics from using condoms. So, In defence of our president. …. OK, the smart ones get my point ;-) Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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