Akufo Addo Shouldn't Boast About Being President With His height; What Matters Is What He Has Accomplished With It

Feature Article Akufo Addo Shouldn't Boast About Being President With His height; What Matters Is What He Has Accomplished With It
AUG 19, 2022 LISTEN

The president of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo, claims that he was told that he is too short to serve as president. He is incredibly happy to disprove those who believed he couldn't be president. Since I am a man and cannot resurrect the dead or create a human being, I cannot criticize the characteristics of any human being. I think it is foolish to make fun of the president's height.

However, if the president is so pleased to demonstrate to his critics that he is the president of Ghana, I want to know what he has achieved for the ordinary Ghanaians, not the dishonest politicians, to be so pleased to brag about becoming president with his height. This statement is unnecessary because it appears that the president's primary goal is to prove to his opponents that he is capable of serving as president, regardless of his height. That is among the causes of his leadership shortcomings.


A person's intellect is determined by his or her brain, not by how tall or short they are.

Before making any comments, a sensible individual should consider whether they are important to say. Some statements are downright annoying, especially if the person has failed the group as a leader. I believe that Akufo Addo has caused more suffering for Ghanaians with his height than any other president in Ghana's political history.

The finest times of John Mahama, when the economy was one of the best in all of West Africa, with a low unemployment rate, a better cedi to the dollar exchange rate, and low crime, can never be relived in Ghana, despite the mistakes the former administration, the NDC, made, including mismanagement of funds.

Most Ghanaians, who are tribal bigots and despise John Mahama, were able to be convinced by Nana Akufo Addo and his vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia, that they would come and improve Ghana. Akufo Addo made a lot of promises, but the two I prefer to focus on are tax reduction and preserving the public's wallet.

The president has now established himself as Ghana's most inept and lazy leader in the country's political history. Therefore, I must question Akufo Addo, what accomplishments do you have to brag about with your height? If you appoint your relative to the position of finance minister and wrecked the existence of banks in that nation, what do you expect to see in Ghana, success or failure?

More importantly, you cannot set up corrupt Supreme Court judges to constantly oppose the opposition parties in your favor in the hopes of improving Ghana. What purpose does it serve to boast about your height as president when everything you have done as president has been evil and done with corrupt motives?

You seem to be a Ghanaian leader who has caused more suffering for Ghanaians than even a nation with a notorious military government, in my opinion.

The average person, including the youth, is being negatively impacted by the over 300% increase in corruption in the NPP government. Ghanaians are struggling, there are no jobs in the system, and many go to bed hungry. If those who work in Ghana are honest, they will undoubtedly admit that they were either related to the politician who developed the plans for the job or that they paid bribes to get the job.

You created the E-Levy, false taxation to rob people you have been denying a decent life for the past six years, despite all the hardships the majority of Ghanaians are experiencing. All of the opposition to the E-implementation Levy fell on deaf ears. You passed it by acting on your wicked heart and greed. The E-Levy collapsed today, ruining thousands of jobs.

Who in their right mind would back such a leader? If you're not a mindless tribal bigot who cares more about tribalism than progress, which I doubt you are, then you won't understand why I care about developments. That height with which you brag about becoming president is accountable for a large amount of debt without accountability and a lot of sod-cuttings without any apparent projects.

More importantly, it has embezzled millions, including COVID funds from the coffers of Ghana to an unknown destination. You should have resigned a long time ago, Nana Akufo Addo because your services as a president are a total disgrace and unproductive. The fact that Ghana has been a very peaceful country that can endure hardships has saved you, else series of demonstrations would have kicked you out.

You have wasted Ghana’s resources by breaking a hospital serving several communities without replacement. You have pulled down the resident of judges without building back the flats. To me, Nana Akufo Addo, your purpose of becoming the president of Ghana is to tamper with Ghana’s history, change the names of already built institutions, and let Ghanaians suffer, so your height, has only fulfilled your dreams of becoming a president but not attaining any significant achievements.

More critically, that height has stolen millions of foreign exchange from Ghana's coffers, including the COVID funds, to an unknown destination. Nana Akufo Addo, you ought to have left office long ago because you've been a complete embarrassment and a complete waste of time. You wouldn't be serving as president in any Asian nation if Ghana were one of those nations.

The ability of the brain to handle problems will demonstrate a person's intelligence. A woman's attire does not make her a lady, and a person's height does not make him bright or stupid.

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