16.08.2022 Feature Article

Any person without the knowledge of how vital water is to human life is unfit to be president of Ghana

Any person without the knowledge of how vital water is to human life is unfit to be president of Ghana
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In this publication, I shall be obliged to briefly compare and contrast the black man and the white man. When I do that, I don’t expect anyone to take any offence for whatever reason. However, I expect my fellow Ghanaians to be open-minded to analyse whatever I have to say as deep thinkers but not only as wise and shallow thinkers.

I have always been very practical with my writings, citing vivid examples that had taken place or are ongoing, to home in my messages to the public readers.

In this publication, I am going to discuss the importance of water to living things, especially, to human beings. I am not going into the details of how important water is to life and the survivability of human beings, thus, animals and plants, as we are taught in schools during our biology lessons but how it is in our everyday practical lives.

As I write now, Tuesday, 16 August 2022, the water companies in many parts of Britain, Wales and Scotland, thus, the United Kingdom, have banned the use of hosepipes by households, companies and whomever. This is because of how the weather temperatures have risen so high this summer, ranging between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius to culminate in the withering of grasses and shallow-rooted plants or plants with fibrous roots like corn.

All the green grasses have turned yellow, died away completely of course.

Normally when the weather temperature rises so high, or in most summers when there are no rains or little rainfall, people turn on their hosepipes to water their gardens and green grasses to not only maintain their greenness but to keep them growing and alive.

Nevertheless, in this summer of year 2022 where the temperatures have gone so high, reaching 38 degrees Celsius on Monday, 18 July 2022 and 40 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, 19 July 2022, scorching all the green grasses and bringing intense drought to the UK, resulting in the dwindling levels of their surface or river waters, the sensible, wise and deep thinkers white people have by their water companies, put in place measures to preserve the water that they currently have for human consumption hence banning the use of hosepipes.

What is a hosepipe, one may want to know? A hose is defined as “a flexible tube for conveying a liquid, as water, to a desired point: to water, wash, spray, or drench down a garden, etc.”

They don’t want the potable water being supplied to their homes to be used for such non-essential activities like watering their gardens, washing their cars, etc. but to be used for drinking, washing and cooking and other essential things. They are conserving the water they currently have for human use since the rains are not falling to replenish the rivers while the drought is intensifying.

The above goes to tell how wise, intelligent and deep thinkers our white contemporaries are. They know that without water, human life will soon or eventually become extinct on this planetary earth that we inhabit. Therefore, they always quickly take bold and intelligent steps to address such urgent issues as soon as they arise.

Coming back to Ghana, there has been persistent wanton destruction of our rivers (water bodies) by not only the native Ghanaians but foreigners, principally among whom are the heartless Chinese. Any honest and sensible Ghanaian will bear me out that most major rivers in Ghana like Bia, Ankobra, Tano, Ofin, Pra, Ayensu, Oti, Pru, Sene and Asukawkaw, have been, or are being, destroyed by the conspicuously reckless and difficult to control surface mining (galamsey) activities ongoing in Ghana.

It is not only the big rivers, a few of which have been mentioned above that have come under unimaginable destruction but their tributaries.

It is not only the inability of Ghanaians and their leaderships to put a complete stop to the destruction of the water bodies that is my concern but the open encouragement of their destruction by the very persons seeking to come to power to govern the country.

It is not any secret but open public knowledge that former President John Dramani Mahami and his entire National Democratic Congress (NDC) hierarchy had during the 2020 general election been encouraging, and also, promising to intensify surface and alluvial mining in Ghana, regardless of its obvious devastations to water bodies let alone, fertile and arable lands, virgin forests, the air, cocoa farms, etc.

While the white man takes all the necessary precautions and quick steps to protect their water bodies and water supplies to guarantee the continuous survival and sustainability of human life on earth, John Dramani Mahama, a native of Ghana and for that matter a black man, is rather encouraging the utter and open destruction of Ghana’s water bodies.

For want of political power, he does not care how he gets elected, whether it will take the destruction of the entire water bodies in the country, so be it! Why should Ghanaians continue to aspire to have him back at the presidency, if we are not that stupid, excuse my French? Or, is it that we don’t know the value of water as regards human survivability and sustenance on earth?

John Dramani Mahama in my estimation is absolutely unfit to be re-elected to occupy the presidency unless Ghanaians are shallow thinkers, if not devoid of wisdom and of short memory.

No wonder that the white man is prospering by every ticking second of the clock while the Ghanaian, and by extension the black man, is wobbling in stagnation if not retrogression.

He who does not know and does not value water and its importance is a fool and unfit to be called a Ghanaian let alone, elected to rule the nation.

From this little said, any sensible person can see how far the white leaders are ahead of our Ghanaian or black leaders, especially, John Dramani Mahama, in intelligence, farsightedness and the art of governance to preserving and sustaining human life on earth.

John Dramani Mahama does not care if Ghana got destroyed and he acquired power and money he desperately needs for after all, he allegedly has most of his children and properties abroad, principally in Dubai, hence earning the nickname “Kofi Dubai”. Was he born on a Friday by the way?

What is your take on this, my fellow Ghanaian wearing political lenses and interpreting everything in terms of politics and partisanship?

Rockson Adofo

Tuesday, 16 August 2022