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11.08.2005 Feature Article

RE: NGO formed to protect Giselle Yazji.

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I read with surprise that some people who call themselves concerned Ghanaians known as "Friends of the Truth" are organizing and recruiting people in the streets of Accra to protect one madam Yazji who is involved in the so called " Hotel Kufuor" episode.

My advice to the organizers for this mob event is that they better use the time, energy and perhaps the money, toward something better that will benefit themselves and the country.

They should direct the resources toward organizing the youth and the adults who are willing to participate in this mob action, to clean the streets of Accra and plant trees to beautify the city. That will be a noble cause.

How would this mob protect the woman? When this woman comes to Ghana, there are police and other security agencies that are responsible for such matters. She would not need mob protection. The government would see to it that she is protected. These are not the days when supreme courts judges could be rounded up and be murdered. I wonder if the police, the airport security and the security forces would allow such mob to overrun the airport.

The mob organizers should realize that democracy which entails freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of expression etc. which Ghanaians are now enjoying, demands discipline and responsibility as well as accountability. The principles of democracy and its tolerance should not be abused for such worthless undertaking.

Let the agencies responsible for investigating this matter do their work and you go about your duties, enjoy the air of freedom you now breathe and give suggestions as how to get rid of the evil armed robbers in the country and educate the street hawkers.

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Kwabena Afrani
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