E/R: Council of Zongo Chiefs discusses Muslim Council, welfare and challenges confronting muslims

Religion Sariki Alhaji Abubakar Omar middle,  Vice President of the Council of Zongo Chiefs
AUG 16, 2022 LISTEN
Sariki Alhaji Abubakar Omar (middle), Vice President of the Council of Zongo Chiefs

The National Vice President of the Council of Zongo Chiefs, Sariki Alhaji Abubakar Omar, has pleaded with muslims and people living in Zongos to consider paying their ward's school fees as a matter of priority.

He advices them to avoid using their monies to buy huge smocks for every celebration that comes their way.

The plea was made in an interview during Akyem Abuakwa Council of Zongo Chiefs' Annual Council meeting held at Kyebi in the Eastern region on Sunday.

They discussed about the Muslim Council, welfare and challenges confronting muslims and people' living in Zongos and finally suggested solutions to help address the phenomenon.

The President of the Eastern Regional Council of Zongo Chiefs, Alhaji Omar indicated that some parents would purchase huge smocks for every event but would not pay the smallest amount of money needed for the education of their children.

Meanwhile, Muslims Youth in Zongos are inspired to emulate Ghana's Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, the Minority Leader in Parliament and other prominent Muslim leaders to take their education seriously.

Commenting on the suspected terrorist threat on Ghana, Alhaji Abubakar Omar used the opportunity to urge all Muslim groups in the country to take a lead in the "if you see something say something" campaign to expose suspected terrorist groups in Zongo communities to prevent attacks.

According to him, Zongo communities should no longer be a place where violent-minded people would come and hire people to perpetrate their agenda indicating that Islam is a peaceful religion.

The Vice President of the National Council of Zongo Chiefs asked the Muslim faithful to reflect on the day and uphold the tenets of Islam.

He stressed that the peaceful co-existence among all sects should not be taken for granted.

Kwabena Nyarko
Kwabena Nyarko

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