RE: Northerners are only fit for running mates- Hopeson Adorye

By Jagre Solomon
Rejoinder Hopeson Adorye
AUG 14, 2022 LISTEN
Hopeson Adorye

I was shocked to read a report on this subject purporting to have come from Alan Kyerematen's confidant Hopeson Adorye. I kept looking for reasons that could have led to this man making such an ill-advised, derogatory, and unfortunate remark. The only conclusion is that Mr. Alan Kyeremanten and his team harbor anger and hatred toward all northerners.

In recent days, the Alan team has attacked Dr. Mahamud Bawumia's personality. So many unprintable words have been used by the Alan people against Dr. Mahamud Bawumia's religion and now northerners. Is this the way a political party should go?

“whenever a Dankwa leads the party, the Busia side step aside but there is a Dombo (for running mate), and whenever a Busia lead, the Dankwa side step aside but there is a Dombo (for running mate). As for the Dombos they are always there (for running mate).”

Northerners thank Allah for using Mr. Hopeson Adorye to expose Alan Kyeremanten, Adorye, and everyone else in the New Patriotic Party who thinks northers are second-class voters. The majority of voters in the Savannah, Northern, Upper East, Upper West, and Noth-East regions accept Adorye's challenge. Northern delegates accept the challenge, and all northerners look forward to Alan Kyeremanten on the ballot.

The only question I have for Adorye is where in the NPP constitution is it stated that northerners are only fit for running mates. I want to reassure Adorye that northerners are trustworthy and capable of managing affairs. Former President Mahama is a northerner, and we are very proud of his humility and regard for human feelings.

The NPP has come a long way, and animals like Adorye should not derail genuine party members' efforts to rally support in the north. I'd like to state unequivocally that we in the north are not interested in Alan Kyeremanten presidency in the unlikely event that he gets it. As northerners, we have a number of options, and we will never beg Alan Kyeremanten to be a running mate.

I urge all northerners, particularly those in the NPP, to foster unity and focus on getting the region ready for the 2024 general elections. The NPP's pulse is now one of unity, and Adorye and Alan should reconsider their strategy of bringing division between north and south. In an atmosphere of peace and unity, there is always victory.

Jagre Solomon

[email protected]