11.08.2022 Feature Article

Too Much Rot In The Ghanaian System

Too Much Rot In The Ghanaian System
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As I sit down on the floor after my routine pushups, I started to reminisce about the state institutions we have in this country.

Since independence, we have seen heads of institutions changed whenever there is a change of President.

The president has the power per the 92 Constitution to appoint heads and boards for all state institutions.

But the question is: over the years, what impact have these heads and boards brought to the various state institutions?

Most of these heads with their boards have always been following the old mess and unproductive style of management at the institutions they were asked to head and govern.

For several years, ECG, Ghana Water, TOR, Ghana Health Service, Ghana Education, Ghana Highways Authority, Feder Roads, NCCE, and several state institutions have yielded nothing but losses.

ECG and Ghana Water have for several years not made a $1 profit mpo. Always--” Y’abɔka”. If those institutions were to be their personal companies, would they have allowed the company to run losses for years?

I felt so sad to read from AG’s report that ECG has had loses of 26.63%. That's worth millions of cedis and that has been the trend for years. When it started, it was far lesser than this figure and as the years go by, it keeps increasing.

I won't be surprised when their losses reach 40% someday.

Why do we run the government (STATE) property badly like that?

Since I started working for Ghana Education Service and Ghana Health Service in 2004 and 2008 respectively, I've not seen any shift from the ways these institutions have been run.

I thought Ghana Post was going to be productive when the government built the Digital Address system but daabi da!

Meanwhile, they had an MD during these years.
What was his vision for the institution before he was appointed?

When are we as a nation going to have patriotic and selfless citizens to lead and govern these state institutions as theirs?

The problem about Ghana is that--the people who can do the work properly as theirs will either not apply for them or are not well connected and even when they get the nod to serve their nation, people will make sure he is frustrated.

What nation are we building for the next generation?

When will we have generational thinkers to run the affairs of our state institutions?

When will people who have been allowed to head these institutions run it as theirs?

What have been the criteria for appointing people to head state institutions?

One sad thing is that, when these state institutions are privatized, we will have these backward thinkers and nation wreckers threatening the government.

I wish ALL state institutions privatized, especially, ECG, Ghana Water, GBC, TOR, VALCO, and the others.

They will give us value for money services. When PDS took over from ECG, we all saw the massive changes that occurred.

Ghana is all we have--let's all help to make it a haven.

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