The Irony of "Asomdwe Park" :In memory of Prof. Mills

Feature Article Prof. John Evans Attah Mills
AUG 10, 2022 LISTEN
Prof. John Evans Attah Mills

The controversy surrounding the renovation of 'Asomdwe Park', the final resting place of the late Professor JEA Mills is unfortunate. Ironically, "Asomdwe Park literary means 'Peace Park'. As to why a peace park has become the source of anger and acrimony, arrogance, partisan politics and the lack of absolute love for one another can only be the reasons

Professor JEA Mills, a humble and peaceful man who led a blameless life seems to be having the unfortunate experience of his resting place being a source of confusion and quarrel. What a reversal of fortune. He is a man of peace for Christ's sake!

The idea to renovate the park to fit the legacy of prof. in all sincerity is a great one and even whilst the government has committed the unforgivable offence of not involving the family (as rumours have it), we need to commend the government for the initiative. If the rumours are true, why did the government fail to involve the family? The culture and norms of Ghana demand that at least. Nevertheless, the government has done a great job and needs to be commended.

The issue of Koku Anyidoho is an interesting one. The Koku Anyidoho equation seems to be the part that the government and the family are disagreeing on. Well, I think that showing loyalty and love to the greatest benefactor in your life, like Prof. Mills has done to Koku and Koku to Mills is not bad. As to the differences between Koku on one hand and the family and the NDC on the other, it boils down to our stinking politics. A politics of no principles and ideas. A nauseating politics characterised by greed, selfishness and parochial interest.

Prof. Mills is a man of peace, and if Koku Anyidoho, the family, and NDC really claim to love him, they will all smoke the peace pipe as Prof. would have wished. Let's call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.

Benjamin Kwame Amankwa
Communication & Media Expert
Email:[email protected]