If The Demolished La Hospital Hasn’t Been Replaced, How can Akufo Addo Construct 111 Hospitals?

Feature Article If The Demolished La Hospital Hasnt Been Replaced, How can Akufo Addo Construct 111 Hospitals?
AUG 9, 2022 LISTEN

The president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, reportedly stated that although the construction of the hospitals the NPP government plans to build, known as "Agenda 111," has been delayed due to location disputes, the projects will be finished before 2024, according to the publication ModernGhana, which was published on August 7, 2022.

Does this promise make sense? Because the NPP government promised to build an ultra-modern hospital when it destroyed the hospital servicing the communities of La, Teshie, and Nugua in March 2020, and even though the sod for the new facility was cut in August of the same year, the site is still as empty as a football field.


"Agenda 111" is a dream of illusion that will never come true.

Who will believe Nana Akufo Addo if he says that the delay in Project Agenda 111's implementation is caused by differences over the placement of hospitals in the various districts if the foundation for the La Hospital, whose demolition took place more than three years ago, hasn't been started? I don't know why the Ghanaian media hasn't covered this important topic.

How often have I criticized the president's lack of planning? In actuality, Akufo Addo wasted his entire life trying to become president and never thought ahead to what he would accomplish in that position. He, therefore, had no substantial plan in place to carry out when the unexpectedly approaching triumph hour arrives. His leadership has been a complete waste and a source of discomfort for ordinary Ghanaians, in part because of this.

Before someone decides to demolish an existing hospital to construct a new one for the public, they should first examine and assess the project's costs and then confirm that the necessary funding is available. When the funding is not yet available, a hospital cannot be destroyed. It also pertains to the judges' bungalows that were razed down to make room for the Cathedral that he promised God would be built.

The Ghanaian president, Nana Akufo Addo, has cut more sods than any other leader in the country's political history, and yet, there are no projects in the works. Since Akufo Addo has never acted honorably as president, everything in the nation has flipped upside down. I don't think I will ever stop writing about him.

Strangely enough, no one seems to be criticizing Akufo Addo, which contrasts with John Mahama's administration, when things were better than they are now with the NPP government. We must question ourselves why and what the NPP government's strategic goals are for its spree on sod-cutting, as nothing is coming from them. Why is Akufo Addo unable to cease sod cutting to focus on projects in which sod had been cut four or five years prior?

I think the same number of Ghanaians will come to the same conclusion that the NPP government has no better intentions for the common people after abandoning unfinished projects, including hospitals, schools, and housing units left behind by the previous administration. Those unfinished projects are Ghana's property, not the NDC's.

La, Teshie, and Nungua's citizens are furious with the president. As the narrative progresses, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, while in Ghana, provided funds for the hospital's expansion. As a result, a new addition was built adjacent to the original block, but it was destroyed during the hospital's deconstruction.

Did Akufo Addo become president only to hurt and burden ordinary Ghanaians? I am curious. Who is capable of putting up with such nonsense? Ghana is the only country since it is a religious nation. If so, we must acknowledge that either Ghana's religious leaders have let the country down or religion has done more harm than good.

If the NPP government hasn't built the judges' mansions and the razed La Hospital, then sane Ghanaians should expect that Akufo Addo or the NPP would be able to complete the "Agenda 111" project, either now or in the future. This is because Ghana has lost billions under this NPP administration, yet nothing noteworthy has been accomplished so far.

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