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Akufo-Addo's Planting for Food and Job laudable but... — Prophet Kwarteng

Akufo-Addo's Planting for Food and Job laudable but...  — Prophet Kwarteng
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The founder and leader of the Christ Power Miracle Mission in Accra Dome, Very Reverend Prophet Anthony Kwarteng has ended a one-day Prophetic revival program with a call on Ghanaian leaders to seek the knowledge of God to rule the country.

He said, that was the only way to deliver the country from the current economic quagmire.

The program which was held on Friday July 29, 2022 was under the theme: "Save Ghana This Day O Lord, Ghana Needs Knowledge In Abundance" quoted from the book of 2 Kings 1:3-5.

The event attracted some high profile personalities including politicians, religious leaders, traditional authorities, media among others.

Preaching his sermon, Prophet Kwarteng observed that Ghana is blessed with various natural resources that can develop the nation and make citizens' lives comfortable.

The challenge, he mentioned, is bad leadership.

Rev Kwarteng indicated that anyone who will link the current economic challenges confronting the country to the Covid-19 pandemic or the Russia and Ukraine war is false.

According to him, the Almighty God in His wisdom never established the country to become poor. He indicated Ghana has been endowed with natural resources including fertile land to prosper.

He cited for instance that Ghanaians can easily produce food in abundance through their backyard gardens and sees no justification why Ghana should be hit with food crisis.

In his view, the Planting for Food and Job is a policy when repositioned could improve the food basket and make the country self-sufficient.

The policy, the clergy said was one of the best flagship policies the country ever had, but due to mismanagement, the policy is not functioning well as expected.

"Can the sector minister show at least one food preservation warehouse in Ghana that can feed the country in case of food emergency?

"Instead of encouraging farmers and the youth to develop more interest in agriculture to help build a solid nation, alleged mismanagement has affected the policy. And the results are that the youth have to push into politics to make earns meet whereas the lands are lying idle," he stated.

The man of God urged the leaders to read the Bible and they will find the solutions to the crisis.

King Amoah
King Amoah

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