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Review free SHS; we've hit rock bottom — Joe Jackson

Review free SHS; we've hit rock bottom — Joe Jackson
08.08.2022 LISTEN

Financial analyst, Mr Joe Jackson wants the free Senior High School (SHS) programme should be reviewed.

Speaking on the Sunrise show with Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Monday August 8, Mr Joe Jackson said the country’s finances can no longer support the programme in its current form hence, should be reviewed.

“Pray that our leaders will stop the partisanship and take the hard decisions to move the country forward. It’s time to review the free SHS. We have hit rock bottom.,” he said.

It is recalled that ahead of the mid year budget review presentation by the Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta on Monday July 25, Mr Jackson made a case for cuts in government's spending on some programmes especially the feeding component of the free SHS programme.

It was view that times were hard, the country was broke therefore, critical decisions ought to be taken by managers of the economy to look at ways to cut expenditure.

“It is time for us to look at all the expenditure cuts, it is time for us to look and wonder, do wo we want to spend this much on feeding and boarding in the SHS regime?

“Is this what we want to spend our money in the such difficult times on? These are hard times, there are hard decisions to be taken and one of the things we must realize is that Ghana is broke.”


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