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How can America become an even greater nation, an unrivalled superpower and unequalled global economic-giant?

How can America become an even greater nation, an unrivalled superpower and unequalled global economic-giant?
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For those of us who respect and admire America's democratic system of government, from afar, Donald Trump's unsuitability, for occupying the office of President and Commander-in-Chief, of even the world's worst banana republic, let alone that of the United States of America, is so obvious. One therefore never ceases to be amazed that so many good and decent American conservatives, actually hero-worship Trump. Incredible.

The tragedy of it all, is that soon after Trump's second-coming, as President, finally arrives, and his fascist-dictatorship consolidates its power, tens of millions of his most ardent MAGA adherents, will quickly become disillusioned - as his capricious tyranny starts repressing and terrorising ordinary people, after gobbling up Trump's most vociferous elite-enablers, who made his second bid for power a success.

It is at that terrifying juncture, that most of Trump's acolytes will wake up to the harsh reality that they exchanged rule by politicians committed to the good governance principle of fidelity to the Constitution, for a precarious and frightening existence, in their own home country - because they made a fatal error of judgement, in opting to freely hero-worship a gross, capricious, narcissist and tyrannical fascist leader, who thinks he is above the law.

It will be too late then, of course, for them to do anything about their situation, alas. That is why it is vital that the born-again-Christian demographic, across America, look instead, to the genuine and sincere politicians for whom an America whose politics is bedrocked on the constitutional principle, of separation of powers, is a patriotic duty and a moral obligation.

They must all understand clearly, that far from being the saviour who will make America (a nation that is already the world's greatest ever power), great again, Donald Trump is rather a clear and present danger to American democracy, who must never be allowed to return to office, again, as America's next President, and Commander-in-Chief, of its powerful armed forces, after President Joe Biden's term ends, at all costs.

America does not need Trump to lead it ever again - for it is already a great nation. Full stop. In the final analysis, the United States of America is in reality, the world's greatest nation ever.

In that light, it is widely recognised by its many admirers, as a wealthy and prosperous country, which only needs to improve its system - in order to make it a more equitable and diverse society, able to harness the energies, gifts and talents, of a significant proportion of its total population, who currently face systemic-prejudice on account of their skin-hue: and thereby become an even greater nation, which is an unrivalled superpower, as well as an unequalled global economic-giant. Case closed. Cool.

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