04.08.2022 Letter

An Open Letter To Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah

By Osumanu Abubakar
An Open Letter To Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah
04.08.2022 LISTEN

Dear Sir,

Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, ‘you will never die’!

It is with much profundity that I melancholically assemble these words in this epistle. While at it, I reverently bring you an unadulterated greetings to Elysium. Rest well, Sir!

Sir, it is an uncontested fact, that you laboured and tabled the motion for the sovereignty and independence of this country in 1954 after your victory in that year's general election, but your ‘own people’ who lied and killed in the service of liars and killers cunningly worked against it, for which the independence eluded us in 1954.

Unrelentingly and unperturbedly, you chose to reignite the candle and won the third general election in 1956, the election whose fortunes culminated in the independence we so desired in 1957.

Sir, unfortunately you did not last to move this country to where you had envisaged and planned, for the people you termed as traitors and agents of colonialism collaborated to oust you. That is not the gravamen. The gravamen lies in the myriad of issues happening in ‘your Ghana'. The descendants of the people you termed as traitors and agents of colonialism are here today, distorting our history, but this travesty of history will not materialise. They have introduced what they term as Founders’ Day, but we know we have Founder’s Day.

Sir, you gave us a Ghana with shape and form, a Ghana with principles and values, a Ghana with rich resources.

Unfortunately, ‘your Ghana’ is now shapeless, amorphous and nebulous beyond recognition, following;

Our leaders are insensitive because they have incentive;

Our leaders are enjoying in opulence to spite their opponents;

Our leaders are amassing wealth and we are still massing up voting for them.

Our leaders are enjoying our treasure with pleasure;

And they do so with arrogance out of ignorance of the people’s power; but arrogance with ignorance is an unmitigated flagrance of temperance!

Surely they shall tumble because they are not humble!

Our students misbehave with impunity because now they have immunity from government;

We teach students to learn prudence, but they act with impudence;

You cannot get a student punished because your name will be tarnished;

Our students are reckless and government cares less;

This crude system has made our students rude;

We are trying to change them, but they are not in range; but

Soon, the moon will shine and we will dine!

Parents don’t show any abhorrence to students’ aberrance;

Parents sit by and idly fret while students take teachers as a recompense for their imagined slights; but when their seeds (children) turn to weeds, then posterity will judge their prosperity!

Sir, rest well in Elysium!

Happy Founder’s Day!




4TH AUGUST, 2022