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Go And Tell Pharaoh

Go And Tell Pharaoh
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Your deliverance shall be sudden, swift, dramatic and unprecedented. Your enemies will be shocked by how God will perfect and actualize your freedom. The chains and shackles are being broken now. The slavery is over! Their grip over you is being weakened. Are you not seeing it? God will shock them.

They are in for a great surprise. By the time the wake up, you and your people are gone. Gone forever. Gone for good. These uncircumcised Egyptians will not keep you, yes, they will not keep Israel forever. They hate you because you bear the mark of God. They hate you because God has blessed you. They hate you because you are industrious and progressive. T

hey despise you because you are independent, godly, glorious, resilient and unstoppable. They hate your guts and feel they cannot compete with you. They are afraid that with such guts and grace you will overtake and rule over them. That was exactly the problem Israelite had with the Egyptians. Envy! They hate you because you serve the God of Israel and because you have a great destiny. They know that the hand of God is upon you and you are the chosen people. Yes, they know it and that is why they have ganged up to mistreat, subdue, intimidate, eliminate or keep you in perpetual bondage.

But God is saying today that their gathering will surely come to nothing. Yes, they have gathered, but it will be fruitless, in vain. God is laughing at them. They will be shocked to their marrow soon. Listen, God said that with a strong hand he will bring his children from the Egyptian bondage. And it is not just bring you out, you will leave with great wealth – silver and gold. That is his word!

When God told Pharaoh to let his people go he refused. He kept playing games, playing god and defying the divine instructions. In fact, at a time he even had the audacity to query the existence and the authority of the Almighty. I believe that there is something that comes upon rulers that makes them arrogant and selfish even when they know they are self-destructing. Just listen to him, “Who is that your God that I will let Israel go? I do not know him and I will not let the people go!” My God! Did you hear that? Pride and arrogance! When these sons of devil occupy earthy positions or possessions, it gets into their head that they immediately forget that there is a creator of heavens and earth, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the glory of Israel, the I am that I am, the God of the Hebrews, the Almighty God, the everlasting father, the throne of no disappointment, he that owns life and death. Now, does this resemble what you and your people are going through today? God will also deflate that over-bloating ego of this Pharaoh. Yes, it will happen sooner than you think.

And it will come in a very humbling and humiliating manner. We have seen it before and it will happen again. Listen to what he is saying, “But I know that the king of Egypt will not let you go except under heavy pressure. So I will reach out and strike at the heart of Egypt with all kinds of miracles. Then at last he will let you go.” And further, “Now you will see what I will do to Pharaoh,” the Lord told Moses. “When he feels my powerful hand upon him, he will let the people go. In fact, he will be so anxious to get rid of them that he will force them to leave his land.” Exodus 3:19-20, 6:1.

Did you read that? Under pressure this uncircumcised wicked, heartless, despotic ruler will beg you to go. Yes, God said that he will mount heavy pressure on this particular Satanic unrepentant, doomed Pharaoh, this enemy and he will also crumble like his demonic predecessors. Divine pressure! It can come from any angle and in any form. Nobody, no group, no devils, no gang up can enslave the people of God or can destroy divine plans and purposes. You will be kicking against the stone. If those before him failed, he will also fail. If those before them were disgraced, these will also go in shame. And if those before them perished these will also perish.

The wicked will not go unpunished. But he still has options now. He can repent and avert the impeding divine judgment and pressure. Or he can allow the Israelites to move out of Egypt peacefully. When Pharaoh insisted that the Israelites must languish under his biting wickedness and bondage, God inflicted his land with plagues - economic, health, environmental, social and spiritual crises. And when that was not enough God perished the boastful and arrogant king, all his commanders and advisers in the Red Sea. The Navy will call it burry at sea. It is a military practice. All those acting as Pharaohs, as gods now to you and to your people are coming under heavy divine pressure! The word of God said that the Egyptians [including these ones presently harassing you] are not God, but men. Something will give way. Something is about to happen in our land! We will continue. Share this message with others. God bless!

Rev Gabriel Agbo is the author of the books / audiobooks: Power of Midnight Prayer, Receive Your Healing, Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom, Never Again!, I Shall Not Die, Move Forward, Power of Sacrifice, Prepare for that battle and many others. Tel: 08037113283 E-mail: [email protected] Website Twitter: pastorgabagbo

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