31.07.2022 Feature Article

Ghana: “Saint” Akufo Addo and His "Economic Terrorists"

Ghana: Saint Akufo Addo and His Economic Terrorists
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Fellow Ghanaians, a victim of a fart who wants to swiftly take revenge must be cautious; otherwise he will end up soiling his own trousers with his "stool".

The quick response to the Minority's accusations of government for illegally printing of money by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) embarrassingly ended up exposing gross incompetence on the part of the management of the BoG. In fact, as the Member of Parliament for Bolga Central Hon. Isaac Adongo pointed out, this marketing of dark ignorance about the affairs of the Central Bank remains an indictment on the competence of "the men" of the “Impeccable and faultless” Akufo Addo government who are only specialized in the art of salary taking.

Speaking of which I dare say would have saved our dear nation of its paltry treasury if their main focus has been only on salary. It is however far from the reality and our imagination: there has been a scramble for our commonwealth in the last six years. A deep-seated corruption murderously perpetrated and perpetuated on daily basis against the good people of this country.

One of my favorite economic dictums goes like this, "he that fails to economize should prepare to agonize". And in our local parlance we say the Cock that cries early in the morning belongs to a particular household, but the noise belongs to nearby homes.

Our current economic bleak, gloom, and ramshackle with seemingly no solution in sight except incessant borrowing, is largely due to massive mismanagement of the gargantuan resources that have been at the command and disposal of the current administration led by “Saint” Akufo Addo. This has been compounded by unacceptable profligacy accentuated by careless and senseless robbery of state cash. The display of arrogance by these state financial buccaneers is what is most mind-boggling and offensive.

I mean, it's absolutely okay to be an incompetent thief, but the display of arrogance makes it more shocking and painful.

This is the situation of Ghana under the captivity of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led by Grandfather Akufo Addo who refused to enjoy his retirement age with his grandchildren but decides to create a comfortable future for them with proceeds of corruption. But corruption seems genetic in the president's political DNA because he was once a prodigal son of a head of state of Ghana himself.

Fellow Ghanaians, shall we stand akimbo in disarray and watch “Saint” Akufo Addo does for his children and family members what his political ancestors did for him?

But you see, nowhere in the world would a thief be caught who is not begging for his life but rather getting offended because he or she has been called a thief. Rubbish like this happens only in Ghana where the thief gets angry having been caught.

How did Saint Akufo Addo hypnotize majority of Ghanaians into such a degree of carelessness? Why would someone be raping your wife or daughter and all that you can do is to offer them "sterilized" condom and sit back and watch? Why this laid-back and lackadaisical attitude of many Ghanaians?

Certainly, one reason for this anomie is due to too much hunger in the land that has gagged many people. Indeed, many Ghanaians admitted that they could not participate in the Arise Ghana Demo because they couldn't find money for water or food when thirsty and hungry.

The other factor is ethnic parochialism and tribal jingoism. The hallucinations of some citizens that a cosmopolitan, multi-party, democratic republican dispensation and jurisdiction like Ghana belongs to them alone, is the reason why some Ghanaians have retired from the streets to demonstrate the incompetence and unpardonable mismanagement of state resources by President Akufo Addo.

These are nothing but destabilizers of our state of affairs as a people through their political nefarious activities; they are our terrorists.

Moreover, in the popular mind today, when terrorism is mentioned people begin to look at only religious activities such as Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and even what the Kuklus Clan of USA and Crusaders of Europe did. This understanding of the term is rather warped and skewed.

In my humble opinion, I think terrorism goes beyond that. In fact, majority of wives are simply bedroom terrorists to their husbands today, and the vice versa.

Terrorism is when the actions or activities of someone creates a state of fear in an uncertain way through anything, mostly in order to subdue a greater power. This greater power is usually the state or government. But it could also involve a small community, even a household, or in a room.

So for instance, we can have “romantic terrorism” where lovebirds may terrorize each other by creating uncertainty fear of being jilted. Call it romantic violence or domestic violence.

In the same vein, a government that has been direction lessly incompetent, corrupt, profligate, with unfortunate sense of garrison politics of nepotism, is a prime candidate of terrorism - economic terrorism. And managers of such a mess can be classified as economic terrorists.

For six years, "Saint" Akufo Addo's administration's economic management has been nothing short of destabilization of the country. The daily carnages and lost of lives of individuals who believe this world is no longer their portion due to their economic situation is evidence of this economic terrorism. Suicide is becoming the synonym of many communities in Ghana.

It's understandable because a person who has been indebted to the tune of over 15000 Ghana cedis they never get to spend, yet have to pay it through "toil and blood" may simply seek peace in suicide.

Imagine someone borrowing 150 million old Ghana cedis on your behalf to be paid by you. This would not hurt much if the money is used prudently and judiciously to support any humane course. However, imagine the said borrowed cash is used to sleep with your wife. Definitely, a man who is selling your head to buy a hat suggests that you are not going to be the one to wear it.

The insensitivity and barefaced mendacity of President "Angel" Akufo Addo and his legendary largest government in the world, has become a chilling Frankenstein monster devouring us one-by-one. Who is to blame?

Incompetence blended with dishonesty and arrogance on the part of the government is responsible.

Deputy-god Akufo Addo's declaration of war on good governance - transparency, probity and uncountable is certainly most responsible.

It is pathetic that dspite the continuum of treatises from saner minds in this country admonishing the government about the cesspool of profligacy fraught with massive corruption, it has decided to grow thorns on its skin with deaf ears.

The latest 78 million US dollars BOST scandal in the construction of the twin towers is a classic case in point here. And the government's embarrassed responses to these scandals are what make the scandals more scandalizing and nauseating.

Why on earth would a full Governor of a state's central bank can't tell what it means to say the "National Bank" (Bank of Ghana) printed money, and still in office? Why would someone like the Finance Minister, Hon. Ken Ofori Atta still in office after this sheer display of lack of vision and trust?

The truth is that, the resignation of either Hon. Ken Ofori Ata or Governor Addison is an indictment on the qualification and competence of the President himself to still be in office.

Yet the President has not completed his "mission" in order to vacate the office of the presidency.

Let no Ghanaian be surprised if one day a Chinese government or any foreign power comes to harvest the human parts of Ghanaians because our President has mortgaged our limbs and organs for money in order to produce Ghana Cards.

In Sha Allah, I Shall Return.