The crime of a newly posted teacher

By Asamoah Eric
Opinion The crime of a newly posted teacher
JUL 30, 2022 LISTEN

On the 1st of February, 2022, Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) from the various colleges and universities across the country accepted the challenge to contribute their quota to national development by accepting to help the school-going children to acquire knowledge in these remote environments.

On average, about 70% of these NQTs were posted to remote areas where transport is a major challenge. Some would have to walk two to three hours before going to school. Some do not have a telecommunication network. Zero electricity in some areas. On the hand, in some places, portable water is totally zero. There are numerous challenges facing these Newly Posted Teachers in these areas where they have been posted yet none of them has lost the passion to do the job.

And as is well known in our social and economic life, one's wage is his or her motivation to ensure higher or lower productivity. About 70% of these Newly Posted Teachers are yet to be given staff IDs, the IDs that would permit them to be registered biometrically and put them on the government payroll system.

This has made life unbearable for these Newly Posted Teachers in Ghana. They have become frustrated. These our younger brothers and sisters are starving to death. They have nothing to feed on. The places these NPTs have been sent to are new places to them and they know no one there. They don't even have telecommunication network to call for help. What crime did we commit that we go through these hardships?

Yet our leaders seem unconcerned. Is it a crime to be a teacher in Ghana? Why are teachers in the country being treated as such? Does every life in the country matter? How many months went by before the current parliamentarians and government appointees received their maiden salaries?

Nananom, Opinion Leaders, Media Houses, Teacher Unions and Ghanaians at large, your children, your brothers and sisters who opted for teaching to contribute to national development through teaching are dying out of hunger. Speak on our behalf.



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#Prof. Opoku Amankwa

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