30.07.2022 Feature Article

Yet another watch night in Africa

Yet another watch night in Africa
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"Oh good Lord, the intellectual elite of the white man criticizes the Europeans and their value-driven often slow approach to help and solve the problems of Africa but praises the Chinese strategy as remarkable to finance and build Africa in the shortest possible time with massive interventions."

"No human can live alone on bread, my son!"

"I know but these critics ignore your words and wisdom sidelining historically unfolding evidence."

"Tell me more about it, my son."

"Chinese have no moral problems with corrupt politicians and bribe them while Europeans have to a greater extent. As China and more so now Russia reaches out to Africa like giant octopuses to grab cheap money from African natural resources and dump their products and services onto the continent the citizens of the African societies begin to understand they fight for Independence from the Colonial Masters once more has been lost. They have voted for leaders at the polling stations to sell the continent to China and Russia."

"No human can live by bread alone, my son."

"I, my Lord, made in life the astonishing observation that when you lose everything material but have values, a sense of direction and a vision of a great future, the determination of working hard and stay focused on what you have lost you can win again and often even better."

"Oh, my son, I think you refer to Job and Joseph in the book of my words, right?"

"Not only them but I look around history and see by evidence of life that values are the power behind long-lasting dominion while money and politics blow in the wind of time anyhow."

"Oh, my son I begin to understand what you are saying."

"During the time of Colonialism Africa has lost its values and after independence never got them back. They could have and should have used the momentum of freedom to reinvent African values and update them. Instead, they struggled with a governmental system called Democracy unknown to them. Voting unqualified loudspeakers wanting to enjoy the good life into the state houses of Africa pushed nations into the arms of the new colonial elite."

"Which is true by evidence, my son. But you mentioned briefly a change in thinking."

"Yes, my good Lord. It seems to be the ordinary African citizen begins to look behind the railway lines, interchanges, power stations, etc. and realize the price to pay is not only the money but the values they cherish is paid as a premium on top, the soul and heart of Africa kept in the safes of foreign nations."

"You want to tell me as long as Africa has no updated clear values, no written down vision of a better world in 100, 200, or 400 years to come, and no generations plan with a detailed action plan of when, how, and where Africa is left to the uncertainty of the wind of change and the course of history is put in the hands of others?"

"Europe was built on values, the USA was built on values, Japan is built on values, modern China has a detailed plan as part of a vision...but Africa has the focus on the inner struggles...African values are? African vision is?"

"Yet, another watch night today is coming, my son and the churches of Africa will worship me again and again."

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