It is an ASABEE Story: An Open Letter to NPP Delegates

Feature Article It is an ASABEE Story: An Open Letter to NPP Delegates
JUL 15, 2022 LISTEN

We are yet at another crossroads as a political party that has left no stone unturned in bringing innovation to governance and intervention policies to the nation. It is inconceivable that we should see a repeat of an Afoko style leadership where no one mattered, not even the elders or founding fathers of our great tradition.

I have observed the various campaign programmes of the aspirants for the chairmanship race. So have I also those of the aspiring national executives. Left up to me, most National Executives would go flying out of the window; bathtub, dirty water, and all! There are those who enjoyed party money with total impunity and without accountability, buying houses for their girls and concubines in London, Canada, Cantonments (here in Accra), and so on! Do not wonder how and why, you voted for them!

It is very healthy to come to terms with the mistakes of the past, and to correct them as we hop along the path of destiny, after all, we are all fallible. An honourable person is one who learns from their mistakes to turn them into a source of inspiration. On the chairmanship front, we made a perilous mistake once, which almost disintegrated our fraternity and fragmented us into satellite political groups that could have sent us accelerating into the abyss of a bottomless pit. Luckily, the elders took a position and reclaimed our party to restore its majesty as the incontestable giant in Ghana’s democratic landscape. So, are we going to repeat this singular most dramatic malevolent mistake because of financial considerations? I hope not!


I have never seen anyone behave inconsiderately toward the party that they chair, having consideration for only slay queens and fondling babes while footsoldiers remain in need except in our party. Never has any chairman been so indulgent before. Do not repeat such a terrible mistake again!

Under the current outgoing chairman, our party became the worst it has ever been, really! Are we going to replace him with someone, who will further distort our cause as a party while they shout, “3dro meso” or “mende chaymayn menwo da” or “ma pre chaymayn five tams nti votu mame”? Are we going to replace Blay with someone, who claims to have the ability to unite NPP when he cannot assemble a united group of executives to talk to? Are we going to replace Blay with someone who has been treasurer for eight years hence his muscle?

No, I don’t think so. In fact, I share in the sentiments of the vast majority of NPP footsoldiers and grassroots folks who are searching for a vibrant young man, someone, who has held all manner of positions in both governments of Kufour and Nana Addo, and discharged his duties impeccably without any slight or scandal. I have seen unity in Asabee! I have seen vibrance in Asabee! I have seen a genuine concern for the grassroots and footsoldiers in Asabee! I have seen a formidable force in Asabee to unite our front and break the eight. If you want eight more years of NPP government, vote for Asabee.

Do not vote for those who want the chairmanship position to secure a retirement plan that will cater for their great grandchildren while you suffer the penalty for your “chooboi hey” delusion! Please rescue yourselves! Please rescue the party.

Just look at the social intervention policies of our NPP government that will continue to benefit Ghana for many many years to come. Mind you, if we are unable to break the eight, we will live to regret the neglect that these policies and infrastructure which we have seen take place and are taking place shall suffer!

Let us not be our own curse! Let us pick up the pieces that the current chairman broke us into and unite behind a vociferous chairman like Asabee. I do not want to speak of the emptiness of the other contestants especially that, who claims by not supporting him we are putting sand in his gari as if the chairmanship position is his, but had been invaded by unwelcome beings!

Someone, who can insult the sitting president, and speak filthily about him everywhere he goes, cannot and must not be chairman of the NPP otherwise we shall have a situation worse than Afoko’s! We could have lost the 2016 elections, but for the timely intervention of our leaders, and even then, having given the vacated chairmanship position to Blay, the first vice, the burden of the campaign fell on the shoulders of Akufo-Addo and all the lovely people of the NPP who kept faith, irrespectively!

Today, we have a four-time failed contestant leading the pack of three uninspiring men. If he had anything promising, the delegates would not have punished him recurrently as such. The bamboozling situation is that he keeps coming, and one just wonders what at all makes him return each time if he does not see the chairmanship position as a retirement plan!

Please vote wisely and do not forget that we need a fighter as Asabee to break the eight with his 40:60 plan and many other fantastic points in his agenda as he shared with you all during his tours of the whole country that numbered an excellent three times! Yes, ASABEE is the man to trust the NPP’s destiny with!

Let us congratulate Asabee on his imminent victory as chairman of the NPP, In shaa ALLAH.

By Fadi Dabbousi