The President is to blame

By Christian Foli
Poem The President is to blame
JUL 13, 2022 LISTEN

Let's play a little game
Let's call the game Blame
In this game we're the pretty damsel 
Basking on the peaceful shore
And the world, the raging waves 

Let's start with our fathers

We don't deserve this hard life
Broken dreams
Scrambling for daily bread
It's all their fault. Did we ask to be born?
And what is it the aged say?
 "Make hay while the sun shines"
I guess they never did make any hay 
Even when the sun wasn't shining
They are to blame! 

Look at our country?
The government is to blame for all the hardships
Clueless President flanked by trumpet-blowers
We fall short of our dreams because they failed us
The only thing they can fix in this country is their salaries 
They are to blame! 

We did our part; nothing just works
Useless degrees
Costly life
It's all their fault. Let's blame them
Let's put the blame on everyone but us
Maybe that's the only way to
Cool our tongues in this fire
Maybe that's how we ease the guilt of
How, somehow, we too are part of the problem