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26.05.2005 Feature Article

RE: I Regularly Go For Mental Check up –Akoto

RE: I Regularly Go For Mental Check up –Akoto
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Thank God Ramon Akoto, admitted that he goes for regular mental check ups, because he severely needs it. Akoto, a nobody in the US, who shamefully ran for Ghana's presidency should be admitted to the mental institution. It's sad that there is a doctor out there who would let Mr. Akoto off their site.

Many might assume that Mr. Akoto goes about lauding off his mouth because of his right o the freedom of speech, may be so (thanks to democracy). However, Mr. Akoto I believe could possibly have mental issues. He assumes that by virtue of being able to perform his “Paa O Paa” duties in the US, that he can handle the management of people. I have a few things I wish he would clarify for me.

1. What makes him think that he is capable of running a country with a GDP of $ 48.2 billion US? (77th among world rankings, take a look at this site— Oh; by the way if he wouldn't mind, what was his last salary while in the US, just to see how well he managed that. 2. How many people has he/ did he managed while he was a Paa O Paa in the US? 3. What are his contributions to the economy of Ghana? Well, he talks about doing business/ being a business man. I read he attempted to con a couple of business ladies into giving him money with the hopes that he would get them U.S. visas. 4. What are some of his relationships around the world that he feels would benefits Ghana if he became president?

For Ramon Akoto and his league of “Akotoian politicians”, you all need to know that, making a living or being able to make a living in the US does not qualify you to be president or run your lips. I appreciate the freedom that democracy has brought us all. However; for true Ghanaians and just plain legitimate adults who understand that we can “agree to disagree”, Akoto's lip is the equivalent of the “energizer bunny” in politics. The only difference is that the energizer bunny actually last long. Further, true Ghanaian are wittier enough to know that Akoto is a nobody. Frankly, my time is worth more finding better ways to make sure that the 45 people my company employs in Ghana, are comfortable. Come to think of it, I am able to say that I employ individuals; can you say the same Mr. Akoto? I thought not.

My advise to Mr. Akoto. If you feel you have something to give, there are ways of having your voice heard. If you feel you are fight for the good of “Oman Ghana”, then I have a quote for you. “Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered; those who are skilled in winning do not become afraid. Thus, the wise win before the fight, the ignorant fight to win-- A wise saying by an ancient Aikido grand master

Simply put Mr. Akoto, let your deeds fight for you, and drop the lip job. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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