'King Kaku Aka is an impostor, we don't have Overlord' - Nzema Chiefs

By Francis Addo II Contributor
Social News 'King Kaku Aka is an impostor, we don't have Overlord' - Nzema Chiefs
JUL 6, 2022 LISTEN

The angry Chiefs and Queen mothers of the Eastern Nzema Traditional Council in the Western Region have descended heavily on one Isaac Amihere who has been parading himself as the Overlord (King) of Nzemaland.

Nzemaland has three District Assemblies namely Ellembelle, Nzema East and Jomoro with seven (7) gazetted and recognized paramountcies.

The seven paramountcies are Nsein Traditional Council, Lower Axim Traditional Council, Upper Axim Traditional Council, Gwira Traditional Council, Eastern Nzema Traditional Council, Western Nzema Traditional Council and Ajomoro Traditional Council.

Addressing the media at Esiama Chief Palace Nana Nyanzu Amihere IV, the Chief of Akoto who spoke on behalf of the angry chiefs and their Queen mothers disclosed that the Nzemaland doesn't have an Overlord (King).

"We, the Chiefs and Queen mothers of Eastern Nzema Traditional Council in the Ellembelle District, want to let the whole world know and understand our position as Chiefs and Queen mothers of our Traditional Area and to register our displeasure at the behavior of one Isaac Amihere who poses and parades himself as the King Kaku Aka 111 of the Nzemaland", he stated.

He added, "We the undersigned Chiefs and Queen mothers today declare to the whole world that our allegiance is to ONE and ONLY ONE Paramountcy, Eastern Nzema Traditional Area with Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III as the Paramount Chief. We completely disassociate and distance ourselves from every claim he (Isaac Amihere) asserts."

He also disclosed that Isaac Amihere comes from Awiaso, a village in Ellembelle District and Awiaso and was with Odikro status.

"Awiaso is a village serving under the Eastern Nzema Paramountcy with Odikro status not even a Divisional Chief let alone Paramountcy. Therefore, for that self-acclaimed Kaku Aka to assert that Awiaso is his Paramount seat is very deceptive and questionable. This also proofs that Kaku Aka does not understand the traditional systems of Ghana. How can he claim to be a King for the Nzema people when he lives in a village with an Odikro status? The Odikro for Awiaso is Nana Akpanyi Amoh, who then is the so called Kaku Aka, a linguist or Bow man?", he stated.

Nana Nyanzu Amihere IV described King Kaku Aka as an impostor who is not recognized by the Regional and National House of Chiefs.

"This so called Kaku Aka, the self-styled charlatan and impostor is not known in the Regional House of Chiefs, let alone the National House of Chiefs. Dealing with him on official matters related to Chieftaincy in Nzemaland would be very detrimental.

"It would be recalled that on 23rd July, 2021, the National Conference of Council id State Members held at the newly built offices of the Nzema Manle Council at Ampain had a meeting with Nanamo. This self-acclaimed King also joined, though uninvited. He had the disgrace of his when he was sacked by the President of the National House of Chiefs, Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi II from taking part in a group photograph with Nanamo", he emphasized.

He said the self-acclaimed Overlord of Nzema was visiting some communities in Nzemaland to create divisions among the people and also attacked the Paramount Chiefs of Nzemaland.

"He's been going around with disgruntled and misinformed young men and women feeding them with lies and throwing dust into the eyes of the public. These sycophants and boot lickers instead of digging for the truth on Chieftaincy matters from the right source of information rather go about castigating and defaming Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III, Nanamo and the District Chief Executive for no sensible reason", he said.

He stressed that "We, Nanamo, unequivocally state that the self-styled King Kaku Aka is not part of the Eastern Nzema Traditional Council and we owe allegiance to Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III alone and all officially recognized Chieftaincy institutions in the Republic of Ghana".

He, therefore, took the opportunity to call on the Inspector General of Police and National Security apparatus to investigate the self-acclaimed King Kaku's activities in the area.

"...this gross insubordination behavior of his alarming and gradually creating division and tension in the villages or towns and fomenting avoidable security threats in those areas. He is also disturbing the peace enjoyed for decades in the Nzema area.

"We are appealing to the National Security apparatus and the Inspector General of Police to investigate into this matter before it gets out of hand sooner than later. Since of the villages are Bomoakpole, Tandan, Anwia etc and even some places in Jomoro and Ahantaland", he urged.

He also seized the opportunity to warn companies and institutions in and outside Nzemaland not to engage the self-acclaimed King Kaku Aka in any business.

"Again, we emphatically state that anyone or office who deals with him on official matters relating to land acquisition and Chieftaincy administration does so at his or her or their own peril. Moreover, he does not officially or otherwise represent the of good people of Eastern Nzema Traditional Area and the Nzema community as a whole. He must not be given a hearing on any Chieftaincy matters related to Nzemaland", he stressed.

He, therefore, dared Isaac Amihere to show to the world his gazetted number which makes him a Paramount Chief or an Overlord of Nzemaland.

"Isaac Amihere who poses as King Kaku Aka is not to be recognized as such. If actually he is a King as he claims, what is his gazetted number? He must show it to the world, he is not a Chief or a King", he concluded.

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