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Ellembelle: Eikwe fire victims get financial support

By Mensah B. Ruth || Contributor
Ellembelle: Eikwe fire victims get financial support
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Victims of fire disaster at Eikwe in the Ellembelle District of the Western have received financial relief from some Muslims from Kamgbunli in Ellembelle District living in Europe.

The sad incident occurred on 20th April 2022 when a mother together with her three children was almost burnt to death.

The victims are Madam Agnes Blaychie, age 37, Theresa Ackah, age 17, Angelo Asmah, age 12 and Antoinette Kwofie, age 9.

Describing the incident to the media and a representative of the Muslims of Kamgbunli in Europe, Madam Blaychie said, "I was in the house preparing food in the morning before going to work and when I got near my gas cylinder to test my soup, the gas cylinder flamed and nudged me to the wall and I contrived to rush out to save my life".

She added, "when I got out I realized that my children were inside the kitchen burning so I scrambled inside to rescue them and to God be the glory, I was rescued and in some few minutes tumbled into coma and realized that I was on a hospital bed and also saw my children on hospital beds receiving treatment".

She gave thanks to Almighty God for saving their lives. "In fact, God has done a lot for us and He deserves our gratitude because if it was not God like I and my children have died".

During the visit to the community, it was observed that the whole house has been razed down by the fire.

It also detected that all their personal belongings have been burnt.

Madam Agnes Blaychie who works at the Eikwe St. Martins De Porres Hospital lamented over her house and personal belongings which have been burnt by the fire.

"I work with Eikwe St. Martins De Porres Hospital and I have work in the hospital for 18 good years and in fact, I have acquired so many things but today I have lost them due to the fire, the fire destroyed our TV set, clothes, bags, shoes and sandals, monies, my GHC5,000 which was left with me was burnt into ashes and also someone's GHC2,700.00 with me also got burnt, my husband's money also burnt", she said.

She added, "right now we don't have any thing, our house has been destroyed so we are living in a rented house and every month we pay GHC200.00 and it is not easy".

She therefore, took the opportunity to appeal to companies and other benevolent individuals and organizations to come to their aid.

"I am using God to beg any Ghanaian who will hear our plight to come and help us and God will bless that person, I have already bought a land so I will need building materials to build a new house to stay in but right now, I don't have money to build a new house, I'm begging, I need help, I can't even sleep, I still feel pains in my body, I need help, we are currently living in a rented house at Eikwe here and every month we pay GHC200.00 and it is not easy so we need help," she lamented.

Receiving the GHC5,000 financial support from the group living in Europe, Madam Agnes Blaychie expressed her profound gratitude for the kind gesture and prayed to God to help them in abundance.

"In fact, today I'm shocked because I wasn't expecting such a support from anybody, I pray to God to bless them to get more money because these people are Muslims and I and my children are Christians but they did not look at our religious background, we are most grateful and this financial support will help us a lot", she appreciated.

She motivated them to proceed to support the other vulnerable people in society.

The former Assembly Member for Kamgbunli Electoral Area and a former Presiding Member of Ellembelle District Assembly, Mr. Shaibu Issaka who presented the amount on behalf of the group, said when the incident happened he was sent by the leadership of the group to visit the victims to see their conditions and inform them how they could assist.

"I was there on that day and our brothers and sisters from Kamgbunli in Ellembelle District of the Western Region who are currently in Europe called me and they have heard that fire has burnt some people at Eikwe so I should go find out and indeed when I went I saw Madam Agnes on admission at Eikwe hospital and in fact, their conditions were terrible quickly informed them and pledged to support them", he disclosed.

He added, "so today I have been sent by our brothers and sisters living in Europe to come and present to you the sum of GHC5,000.00 to mitigate your conditions and they are saying that Allah should help you to recover as soon as possible.

"This is not the first time they have done this kind gesture, they have been helping people especially their community, Kamgbunli. This is a divine call, even though the victims are not Muslims but as a Muslim, you should see to it that if a non-Muslim goes through a problem and you have, you have to support the person and that's why we have come here to support them."

The former Ellembelle Presiding Member and a Court Mediator took the opportunity to appeal to companies in and around the Ellembelle District to come to the aid of the fire victims.

"I will use this platform to appeal to other people especially companies in Ellembelle District and outside Ellembelle District to come to the aid of the victims, they have lost all their properties, their houses have been razed down completely so I'm appealing to NGOs, companies in and around Ellembelle District to come to their aid," he pleaded.

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