Should Ghana leverage the EU's Belt-and-Road initiative to expand and modernise its infrastructure?

Feature Article AP PhotoFrancisco Seco
JUL 6, 2022 LISTEN
AP Photo/Francisco Seco

The EU is countering China's global influence, with its own Belt and Road programme to help democracies survive and thrive, around the world - in turbulent times. It is very good news: a splendid idea whose time has now come - as democracies face existential threats, worldwide, from fascists and populist-totalitarian-elements. Cool.

The question is: What stops Ghana's hard-of-hearing ruling-elites, from engaging the EU, for it to repay SinoHydro, the US $2 billions it contracted to loan Ghana - after which the EU then gives our country a longish moratorium, to start paying it back, as an interest-free 30 year loan?

Will the world come to an end, if our leaders ask the EU to do so, and help save Ghanaian democracy (from being destroyed, were the ticking social time bomb to finally explode, if the suffering of the masses is allowed to continue, unchecked), in the process?

Let our leaders put that idea on the table, in their discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff, who are now in Ghana, to help extricate us from the unholy mess we are currently in, economically.

Our leaders must put their thinking-caps on, for once, and be creative, for a change. They ought to leverage the EU's Belt-and-Road initiative to expand and modernise Ghana's infrastructure on generous terms. Simple. Haaba.

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