05.07.2022 Feature Article

Biafra Business PLC: Simon Ekpa’s 3 million dollars Fund Raising Request Tears IPOB Apart

Igbo Mandate Congress Reports
Biafra Business PLC: Simon Ekpas 3 million dollars Fund Raising Request Tears IPOB Apart
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Igbo Mandate Congress IMC, the foremost activist group on peace mission in the South East do hereby update Igbo , Elders, Clergy and Elites that the call by Simon Ekpa, Auto Pilot Commander of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra IPOB, for fifty Biafrans that will give him 10,000 dollars monthly for six months, totaling 3 million dollars, in exchange for Biafra by 2023, is about to unleash another round of bloodshed within the IPOB camps and the fragile South East

The request by Simon Ekpa is tearing the Biafra family apart and they are threatening anybody tha dares give Ekpa any financial support.

On the18th of May, in an internal memo to select Igbo leaders by Rev Obinna Akukwe part of which was published titled ’Biafra Business PLC: Why Nnamdi Kanu Will Not be Granted Bail’ , stated clearly that

“I know that Nnamdi KANU will not be granted bail today (May 18th) .The people who burnt down Anambra State after Governor Soludo visited Nnamdi Kanu did so to frustrate any peace effort. They attacked 33 Onitsha, attacked GRA on Sunday to let Soludo know that nobody can collect teir business.

“They proceeded to Idemili North Local Govt to burn down the council. Two days later they burnt down Nnewi Local Council.

“It’s not about Biafra, it’s a multimillion dollar business concern using Biafrans, Ojukwu and Pogrom as bait. The funds coming from US, UK, Germany, others, running into millions of dollars, is too much for one group to swallow alone. Those coming from Nigeria from oliticians, traders and artisans runs into billions annually, and one group cannot monopolize it

“Once Nnamdi KANU is released, all funds will enter inside one pocket. I pity Kalunta Kalu and his siblings. They have entered ‘One Chance. ‘ Those around him are part of the racket. Rev Obinna Akukwe will not reveal more than this.

“I hope those scrambling for multimillion dollar Biafra business, killing innocent people, should settle their differences so that KANU’ s bail can sail through during next sitting. Let the DOS group give the Auto-Plot group their share of Biafra cake, and all these bloodshed will stop”

Today, forty five days after the warnings, the financial warfare has taken a dangerous dimension. The DoS group, ably led by Chika Edozien, is threatening fire, brimstone and recently sacked six leaders of IPOB in the US. The sack is already generating tension.

Rev Obinna Akukwe counsels confused Igbo Leaders the umpteenth time, to settle the IPOB Dos and IPOB Auto-Pilot crisis, including financial warfare, before they turn the South East into Afghanistan.

(Rev Obinna Akukwe, Columnist, Activist, is the Director General of Igbo Mandate Congress , Vice Chairman BoT Igbo Think Tank ITT, @ igbomanndate , [email protected])