Post-IMF: Mr. President Your Biggest Bet Should Be On Industrialization

By Terry Afram-Kumi
Letter Post-IMF: Mr. President Your Biggest Bet Should Be On Industrialization
JUL 5, 2022 LISTEN

Dear President Akufo-Addo,

For all the progress we have chalked in your second term, the external shocks from both Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war have compelled us to IMF for support.

Ghana is currently at a critical moment getting into the second part of your second term.

Mr. President, we are at a stage where I believe we have to have a lesson review and build an incredible legacy.

Post-IMF, the majority of the financial support should be given to the industrial transformation agenda that has chalked a lot of success.

The way Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremateng has spearheaded running the Ministry of Trade over the past six years, even with a limited budget allocation is a sign of a competent and practical economist.

China, in the last few decades, was able to achieve massive economic growth and transformation on the back of industrialization.

Alan Kyeremateng has been one step ahead and has taken practical economic steps to put in place industries that will help create significant job opportunities and reduce poverty.

IMF support should be put into the following ten (10) new industrial sectors to make Ghana the new manufacturing hub for Africa.

This Industrial economic drive will power the acceleration of Made-In-Ghana products to revive distressed but viable Industries, and create jobs and wealth (cash).

These ten (10) new Industrial sectors are:

i. Petrochemical Industry

ii. Pharmaceutical Industry

iii. Iron and Steel Industry

iv. Oil Palm Industry

v. Garment and Textiles Industry

vi. Industrial Starch Industry

vii. Integrated Aluminum Industry

viii. Vehicle Assembly Industry

ix. Machines and Machine Components Industry

x. Industrial Salt Industry

Mr. President, this focus and financial support through the private sector on these industrial sectors will priority approach and offers great potential for new employment opportunities and wealth generation.

The current industrialization program led by Alan Kyeremateng is an ambitious plan that will address the challenge of unemployment for the youth and SAVE YOUR PRESIDENCY.

Mr. President, please instruct your Finance Minister, and let’s double down on this missive industrial drive to boost the economy.

The FOCUS now for the government is to create massive employment opportunities, particularly for the youth thereby improving the income levels and standards of Ghanaians.

Alan Kyeremateng helped President Kufuor to turn things around. Mr. President, empower him and his Ministry to help turn things around for you.

was to add value to the natural resource endowment of each district and exploit its economic potential based on the comparative advantage of the district. In addition, it will help to

These new industrial sectors are what will stimulate economic growth and ensure that you leave a great legacy.

Mr. President, an all-out value addition drive to our massive natural resource base along these new industrial sectors is what will transform our economy.

Mr. President, your biggest legacy after Free SHS, will be a diversified and industrialized economy that practically creates multiple angles of jobs.

Our surest bet like China is on industrialization.

It’s possible together and we are solidly behind you Sir!

We trust your Leadership to deliver on your second-term mandate from the Ghanaian people.

You will succeed and you will not fail. Amen !!!

By: Terry Afram-Kumi

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