Do Ghanaians Remember This Article - Akufo Addo Had Thought Being A President In Ghana Is Very Easy?

Feature Article Do Ghanaians Remember This Article - Akufo Addo Had Thought Being A President In Ghana Is Very Easy?
JUL 2, 2022 LISTEN

It's extremely possible that Nana Akufo Addo initially believed that being president of a nation could be accomplished by memorizing the letters A, B, C, and D. This article was prepared on October 21, 2019, and posted on ModernGhana, when I had already begun to suspect that Akufo Addo's choice of leadership approach will have negative outcomes. If I deem it essential, I will produce every piece I've written about Akufo Addo, what I said will occur, in order to verify it for yourself right now.

Like a spectator watching a football match, Akufo Addo keeps attacking and criticizing his political opponent, John Mahama, until he swallows his pride in humiliation, after being given the opportunity on the field to play a match. I think Nana Akufo Addo, the head of the New Patriotic Party, has now recognized that cheap language is more attractive in politics than actual action.

Due to the historical history of tribalism, many Ghanaians are more concerned with the tribe a president belongs to than with development. Therefore, it is not surprising that when the NDC held power for the longest period of time, disgruntled Ghanaians who were suffering from minor economic troubles requested a change. They placed their trust in Nana Akufo Addo, but unknowingly, that decision would lead to Ghana's demise as a nation. Most Ghanaians are subjected to psychological and economic torture today.


I keep questioning why Akufo Addo was elected president. Politics in the developed world has become extremely competitive, driving politicians to provide the people with what they haven't even requested for, in order to continue serving the public. In contrast, politics in Africa is entirely different; there, greedy politicians take control over the country's rich resources, while the common people wallow in poverty.

It is obvious that Akufo Addo lacks the ability to lead. Although he holds the largest cabinet positions in the nation and serves as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the President of Ghana lacks the skills necessary to build a flexible economy. Since I didn't spare the rod to spoil the child, I criticize the president in a constructive manner, while the tribal bigots continue to support his bad government to the detriment of it by attacking the previous president, John Mahama, and authors who oppose the NPP government.

Only a psychologist can explain how a person with mental illness thinks, which must be a tremendous tragedy for them because I am yet to learn how a tribal bigot's brain works. These ethnic bigots will continue to celebrate this failed president named Akufo Addo, while criticizing Mahama, despite the fact that he has irreparably damaged Ghana. How I wished a psychologist can explain to me if the impact of tribalism on someone's brain is similar to madness. I truly need a psychiatrist to explain since I don't comprehend.

The president doesn't seem to understand that a strong economy depends on hard labor and an efficient judicial system. Because many of the lawbreakers work with dishonest government officials, Ghana has one of the weakest judicial systems in the world, allowing elites in the nation and other foreigners to breach the law with impunity.

Efficiency is always a question of how well a course of action holds up over time, but the Akufo Addo government doesn't seem to comprehend that a nation's economic policy is intended to spur growth and create jobs by promoting wiser use of financial resources, removing barriers to investment, and providing visibility and technical support to investment projects.

Ghanaians can't deny that former president John Mahama participated in numerous corrupt business dealings that hampered the development of the nation, but they also can't deny that Mahama performed better during his three years in office than the current leader, who has an elephant-sized cabinet.

The high percentage of the workforce that is comprised of job searchers is Ghana's unemployment rate. Nana Akufo Addo should have considered this to be a significant indicator from both a social and economic standpoint, but he instead decided to construct a cathedral. Where in the world will this leader be admired? Only the less intellectual Ghanaians will applaud a leader like this.

In politics, if you don't have the ability to do something, you don't have to give false hope to those who are economically and psychologically oppressed. Whether Akufo Addo has been in office for a long time or just a short while, he is a complete failure because he and his over 110 ministers have let Ghanaians down. Nevertheless, those same tribal bigots wished Akufo Addo or other ineffective leaders would continue to hold power past 2024 simply because they hate John Mahama.

Even while Ghana rots, they don't give a damn because they are diseased with tribalism but the nation's youth and intellectual people won't let a few tribal bigots take over and destroy Ghana. Mahama was attacked for being corrupt, but Akufo Addo has now shown that he is even more so than the former Ghanaian president.

Bawumia and Akufo Addo criticize Mahama for receiving financial support from the IMF

The National Democratic Congress administration under John Mahama requested assistance from the International Monetary Fund in 2015. However, they were criticized by the then-opposition New Patriotic Party along with his finance minister at the time, Seth Terkper.

The president stated that the reason the 2015 IMF program had to be implemented was that "the Mahama government had lost control over the management of the economy." He said in a town hall meeting with Ghanaians in Worcester, Massachusetts in 2019. The NPP government has chosen to approach the IMF for financial support because its back is currently against the wall.

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