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What toy can perform like a man's penis? — Marriage Counsellor on sex toys

What toy can perform like a man's penis? — Marriage Counsellor on sex toys
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Rev. Mrs. Oduro Charlotte, a marriage counsellor has chastised women who use sex toys for sexual pleasures.

The marriage counsellor was discussing sex toys and their impact on marriage and relationships with Kwaku Manu, a Ghanaian YouTuber and actor, in an interview monitored by Modernghana News.

She sighed, saying that men who allow their female partners to use sex toys as supplement are simply creating room for them to cheat.

She urged the ladies who want to use sex toys because their partners don't satisfy them to communicate with them and find ways to solve their problems rather than copying the unacceptable western culture.

“You are teaching her to cheat because you are making her aware that if she can use a toy to cheat, then a human being goes. What we learn will hurt us in future. Why don’t you communicate with your lover? What toy can outperform a man’s penis? We have allowed western influences to cloud our judgement. This isn’t how we are trained. We shouldn’t follow trends just because it’s the 21st century," she noted.

In addition, Mrs. Oduro emphasized that her advice is not intended to condemn but an advice to Christians to stick to their beliefs and refrain from engaging in such behaviour.

"If people are using them in their prime moments, what will be the option when they are weak?

"Please, I’m not here to rubbish anyone’s hustle. But as a Christian and a whole woman, when God created me, he didn’t add any toys to me. Ask yourself, If you have to use sex toys when you are fit, what will happen when you are unfit to perform?

"We have promoted certain things and allowed them permanency, which is destroying us. So today, after someone has slept with his wife, they still have to use a sex toy before they climax," she emphasised.

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