NDC Proforum-North America supports Arise Ghana demo

Press Release NDC Proforum-North America supports Arise Ghana demo
JUN 28, 2022 LISTEN

The NDC Professionals Forum–North America by this statement wish to throw it full support to the upcoming “Arise Ghana” demonstration on Tuesday.

Ghanaians living abroad are aware and feel the current hardships brought to our families, friends, loved ones and the masses in general. This is a result of the bad economic policies and unprecedented corruption by the Nana Addo/Bawumia miss-administration.

As Ghanaians living abroad, we are scandalized by the insensitive nature of the NPP government and the abuse of the fundamental human rights of Ghanaians. We cannot fathom why with all the loans, grants and Covid relief funds running into billions of dollars given to the current NPP administration but there is untold hardship.

As a professional organization, we acknowledge the general world economic situation and its effect on countries. However, most countries have evolved or evolving through smart economic policies and other forms of adjustment to cushion their economies.

In Ghana, the government seems not to have a clue and therefore there is no clear cut programs instituted by the government to address the economic problems. What the government is more focused on is to tax the already overburdened Ghanaians to fund the luxurious lifestyle of the President and his cronies.

As of now, Ghana’s public debt is hovering around GHC 391.9 billion; inflation is at all time high of 27% with unemployment creating despondency and total hopelessness, especially among the Ghanaian youth. Families cannot afford two (2) square meals a day though they are striving hard to put body and soul together. The current hardship creates unrest and insecurity in the country and the government must own up and be held responsible for the current state of affairs.

The “Arise Ghana” demonstration is timely and therefore; the NDC Proforum is calling on all Ghanaians who feel that there has to be a better way of doing things to lessen the burden of Ghanaians to join this protest and express their dissatisfaction with this government in its strongest terms.


Arnold Appiah


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