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The Big Take-Aways Around the Abortion Ruling

The Big Take-Aways Around the Abortion Ruling
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The u.s is seen as an 'experiment' by many secular minds, but it is also a battle ground where third world countries import good and evil ways, and even Europeans on some issues. Row vs Wade had gradual ripple effects on many countries, so the 'reversal' will stir debates in u.s and eventually affect other countries within decades. The u.s supreme court is essentially saying: 'you may still kill babies but only where democrats allow you'? This ironically seems like a minor victory to some, but a major defeat to others? Reports indicate countless abortion clinics are closing down, which means abortion is a multi million/billion dollar industry and imagine the lobbying power. The law matters, but education or miseducation will determine the earthly+ winners and losers. Social media have surrounded mainstream media, debunking the lies and fractional facts of mainstream media, but at times worse than traditional media? A woman is finally creditted as the main driver against Row vs Wade, despite the narrative that 'men just want to dictate women' to stir low minded women and make it a gender issue, instead of a moral or conscientious issue for society or collective test. Abortion and even life is a distinctive test from collective tests, we are interconnected than many think. It's ok to debate it as kindness vs cruelty, but you must focus on truth vs lies to win the mistaken.

The Abortion Industry: It may be a term hardly used, but there is a saying that states, 'follow the money' to know the real reasons in government decisions. There are many ways to have birth control, but how is abortion funded compare to other means? A small fraction of u.s citizens can get free condoms, free vasectomy, free womb reversal, morning after pill, etc, but abortion is some how free to few, many or all? Well, free to her, because they force others to pay for her questionable 'personal choice'? Reputable 'pro life' organisations have the mighty task of checking how much money is spent on abortion where it is legal and who is willingly or unwillingly funding it. Many of The reported closed abortion clinics will likely move to other states for business or free funding.

Minor win vs major defeat: This is an irony through out history. How does one event or Ruling be so broadly interpreted by people. Of course some so called 'pro lifers' may think it is a major win, but the millions of babies to be aborted in the u.s after this Ruling will be a hidden or revealed statistics as rude awakening. Similar to the abolition of slavery was a minor or major win? Decades or Centuries of sagregation, no voting rights, and others, while paying taxes is one set of reality versus assumptions. The Obamas, Bidens, Clintons are heavily crying as it is a major defeat due to a dangerous privilege they argued as 'right', and amid under confronted lies. When the so called 'pro choice' spent ten million on abortion legalisation, the so called 'pro life' must spend at least five million to educate and directly attack questionable claims. Rather than spending on abortion legalisation, funding research for safe personal testing of pregnancy is much smarter, if you truly care about women.

When human life or feeling begins: Using vague terms like some Republicans believe life begins at conception should be replaced with actual percentages and details. When the debate is hot on one side, take some marijuana, and ask the other side. Life ends at heart beat, so I believe life begins at heart beat. So what percentage of Democrats vs Republicans and independents believe life begins at a heart beat? Since most atheists lean on democrats, do believing democrats think stopping the heart beat of another human being should be legal? Reduce using the terms like abortion or murder, use descriptive language like 'stopping a heart beat'. At what point does a what becomes a who in pregnancy? Do you believe women carry a what, not a who, for nine months? 'When God breathes his spirit of life on Adam and/or his children, who will bow in humility or refuse in arrogance and cruelty? 'S/he was a liar and murderer', says the bible; so roll out the videos of limb by limb dismembering and ask the grade 10 students and the 'Obamas', is this a 'woman's body' or baby's body? Murdering adults is bad, murdering children is worse, but murdering babies is worst and legal? They have a spirit, the heart beats, and can feel pain at a point inside a womb?

Age of Teaching: They often teach children about sex and LGBTQ too early. About Two years before the average girl sees her period is good time to teach sexual matters, including abortion. Although some people can unlearn, do not let the devils lie to your children and you teach and complain late like many Africans of yesterday and today, not tomorrow? The very woman largely credited for helping overthrow row vs wade was reportedly pro abortion until her eyes sees the undeniable. Many of the women+ claiming 'woman's body' and others have never seen an abortion video, especially stage two and three. Every teenager should see such videos before they have irresponsible sex or take a position on abortion. The democrats are masters of excuses, but never let them make a law that gives 'right to do' without right to know. By the way, I am an Independent, sometimes siding with either party. While people are young, they tend to be less sexists, oppose cruelty, etc. Teaching them on time can yield both short and long term benefits.

Abortion is about life and consequential choice, not woman. We sincerely appreciate the millions of women who are on the fore front or supporting of fighting the lies and cruelty around abortion. Men should not be silenced either. No woman can make a baby by herself, so never let her under value the part nature tasked men. Only a mistaken or bad woman will claim total right over a baby, and you must educate the mistaken, but run from the bad. It's vital for men to fight for at least right to know, even where sexist democrats rule. The judges may see beyond the vote worshipping politicians. Every husband should be notified of abortions and be allowed to divorce on such grounds; unmarried people can also have similar rights, based on evidence. While dating, ask questions to know how well or little she values men, try to teach the mistaken, include more in marital contracts, and run early where need be.

Although Abortion is largely bad and often for wrong reasons, I do believe that it can be for good, beyond natural miscarriage. Different regions tend to have different leading excuses for induced abortions. Finance is among the top three 'reasons' of abortions in and beyond the u.s. If we truly value learning and facts, then we should ask on a form before any abortion. The excuse that some will lie should not deter our efforts and responsibilities. Study and help where we can. Beside the three stages, we can detail 'when' was each abortion made. There are many lot less important things we document with details, so let abortions be well documented where it is legal. May God bless Showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer
Twitter: [email protected]

Optional Note: We are a special Generation with exceptional powers and choices compare to any known people before us. Although countless human beings sought children then and now, the truth remains children were imposed on heterosexuals until recently. Our options were how we accept or reject the imposed children. Some happily welcomed babies, some reluctantly accept, and some killed new born babies then and now. A very small percentage of women tried dangerous abortions in early human life, before mainly men researched and came up with different forms of birth control. Early books asked 'why are [most] women obsessed with children', considering the average pain and dangers of child birth then than now? Again, God through men did most of the research, but men get little appreciation in many a woman of today? Our Generation have multiple options of avoiding children, which is different from abortion, and we may be heading to options of having countless children. Human Technology is very close to be able to create machines that will carry babies, instead of women; and have robots to attend to them to maturity, plus the dangers and excuses to satisfy our greed+. The point I am trying to make is if humans can make billions of babies through machines, then God can do much more without human help. Even Teenagers know having children can be fun. Humans largely want children, the bigger questions are on 'should' and 'can'; or why, how, and when.

Religion is an irony and eye opener on abortions. Europe and countries less Religious tend to allow Abortions with minimal Regulations. U.S have much higher Religious population than many European countries. So Religion and human technology is demanding a new look of what once seems like personal. Even the judges of Row vs Wade may have a different take on abortion due to what technology reveals today, compare to 1973. Considering humans can have or reject children in 'good', fear, greed, or arrogance, honest religious folks must discuss how God will judge each choice, not just abortion. In Africa, where humans started, many people are still having children in fear and greed, or as 'social security'. In the west and Asia, an intolerable number of people are killing babies due to money, despite they are wealthier on average. Mindset and society have effects. Personal colonisation of children existed before the colonisation of countries and continents. This existed in cultures, long before modern Religions. The biblical texts like 'humans should multiply' is pre Christianity and there is no evidence Jesus (pbuh) 'multiplied'. The God of Christianity allegedly have 'only one son' and says no more, only daughters or not even daughters and grand children? The 'Childless' God of Islam seems to see children as closer to devilish or can be devilish. There is a verse in ch.17 that says: 'You can tempt them with your sweet voice, wealth, and have children with them...' I consider it among the most scary verses, a dangerous allow, and hardly discussed verse. Muhammad (pbuh) had children before prophethood, but not one child after prophethood according to the prevalent narrative. Some claim he had one child as prophet and the child died. Why, why, why! Abraham had no children until he questionably prayed for one and was tested hard by God. The point I am trying to make is God does not seem to care about humans having children as many Religious folks may claim. This is demonstrated in actions among his 'favorites' and repeated verses that 'your children and wealth may be a trial', 'they are earthly blessings, but will not be able to help you on judgement day....' So when questionable Imams quote questionable hadiths of how 'the prayers of a righteous child can help parents', it becomes a sweet song to questionable parents who ignore or do not know the koranic verses and tradition of God. Feel free to avoid children, or have them for good reason(s), but killing them will probably be judged. Considering babies are such 'helpless' spirits, the good in society must at least speak truth on their behalf, but the authorities can act and we become patient witnesses as per ch.103.

Even within a Religion, Islam as example, Muslims have wide varieties of reasons when seeking/having children. So how can a just God says 'they were married (a what), so the 'why' they have children no longer matters, we will ignore mizghalazaratin (atom's weight) on that. Beside why, how people/Muslims treat children is very broad for a just God to ignore. Conscience matters, not just marriage. The Bible tells us: 'two will be lying in a bed, one will be taken and one left behind'. This is a loaded wisdom beyond final judgement, a husband and wife may have completely different reasons why they want children or abortion, and thus deserve different pay. The heavens are not equal, nor is hell.

The world is much more complexed than many think. An ex-partner aborted our child in u.s, and about a decade after, an invisible spirit asked me in Canada, 'why did you committed abortion...' Was the questionable woman asked similarly on that night or when will she be ever asked, plus the politicians, doctor(s), and those who supported such rights? I was not high, nor asleep, clearly heard it for a reason. Considering I believe good and evil exist beyond the visible, I was strengthen and choose not to fear. The charge was not accurate, considering I am a man and with limitations in trying to stop a woman abort part of me in matriarchal u.s. The u.s supreme court judges gave her the right, that she does not even have to consult me. So I took it as experience and lesson, but remain fearless. Not many people can have the courage to discuss such in public, but God may cause or allow such on 10% or so on abortionists+, then deal with the rest in other ways when He wills. When we factually share, a fraction or many may learn and others may learn the hard way.

Like most knowledge, it can be for good or evil. On health or rape cases, I am the type who won't fear to use God revealed knowledge to help myself, including avoiding children and abortion support. If the devil influences greedy and/or arrogant rape through one, s/he may try fear of abortion on the other until it is too late, then suggest arrogant killing of the baby? The fact is most abortions have nothing to do with rape or health issues. If you refuse to think enough on time, until a heart beats, then please consider having the baby even on rape cases. Like Amber Heard vs Johny Depp: A man may be charged with rape or xyz, a woman charged with killing or xyz, and a chunk of society will be co-killers or at least supporting the stopping of a heart beat, if it is above atom's weight (misghalazaratin). Reaction is still a choice to be judged. Silence is indifference, Your intention (heart) is a weak evidence, but your voice and reaction can be witness through ch.103.

Ms. Marjorie Dannenfelser is the woman said to work for decades to overthrow Row vs Wade. May God forgive and protect her from the angry atheists and hypocrites. Ms. Elizabeth Warren and others are reportedly suggesting the dangerous illusion to 'declare public health Emergency' and undermine the courts? Desperate losers sin through attempts to possibly repent or help set a precedent through careless suggestions and be further charged when opponents like Trump do it? The liars and cruel ones will be defeated, even in mighty u.s. God can kill judges, bring good or questionable people to appoint good or less questionable judges, and evolution towards truth is inevitable. Accepting truth for higher kindness or rejecting truth against yourself are the human options. A child is beyond even man and woman, so giving women exclusive rights over the spirits of babies is an insult to God, society, and man. Parents may be the primary trustees, but society helps alive parents; and what type of parents arrogantly reject even advice, welcome or demand only financial help in greed, and expect who should help if parent(s) die? Be careful of what you do, but also what you support on sins or choices between creatures.

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