27.06.2022 Feature Article

The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes
27.06.2022 LISTEN

The Prime Minister of Senegal and the President of South Africa join today the G7 Meeting of the richest nations in Castle Elmau in Bavaria, the south of Germany to find ways to a better world. Demonstrators close to the venue and in Munich voice their grievances and concerns demanding a better tomorrow for each group out of his specific corner.

Each German child knows the fairy tale of the "Emperor's new clothes" which seems to be matching with the situation unfolding in and around Castle Elmau these days.

When man was born in South Africa naked and exposed to nature and the expectations to be seen by others he decided to clothes himself. Soon the time came to be convinced that clothes can make a person in society. Clothes over time get stains, holes, or no more acceptable standards in society. Fashion designers start to rethink the new trend or patch holes and stains. In the end, over time they have realized not much has changed but the basics get a new interpretation only.

Each designer wants to stand out and not follow the mainstream. So their customers. Fashion Shows are displayed year after year. Much is talked about in bug words important today forgotten tomorrow.

Only a very few Fashion Designers can set standards for generations to come. They get copied over and over again the world over.

The G7 Meeting and the demonstration against it expose that not only the leaders are clueless about the future but also their citizens and intellectual elite is. They are like the Emperor in our famous German fairy tale who in the end thaught was royally dressed while in fact was walking around his palace naked.

Patchwork might look nice in handmade items but is not the same in the world of man. The world is desperately in need of new clothes, a new standard lasting for generations to come being copied around the world by the many.

Where best than to go back to the original drawing board of mankind and humanity than Africa and come up with a detailed book of the better world of tomorrow for hundreds of years to come including all aspects of life, personal, society, and intercultural aspects?

The current disaster taken place in Castle Elmau right now exposes more than ever that the Emperor thinks he is dressed in the best clothes while in fact standing naked among others in the time of his people.

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