25.06.2022 Feature Article

Germans laugh about Ghanaians

Germans laugh about Ghanaians
25.06.2022 LISTEN

100,000 Ghanaians are in the system of Germany, 40,000 of which live in Hamburg, Germany. This is around 80% of all blacks in Germany have their roots in Ghana. Children of Ghanaian parents have no interest to live in Ghana but avoid contact with their own preferring white Germans. Are they all so much in love with Germany to have their calling here or are they the ones Germany desperately needs and depends on? Less than 1000 Germans live in Ghana no one based on economic or political grounds, no one sending money back home to support their suffering families.

While German politicians for personal and political gains praise Ghana as a raw model of peace and stability they ignore what every ordinary German citizen can hear walking around town. Essentially the German youth openly themselves use racist remarks against foreigners, especially Ghanaians seeing them in the system and taking advantage of it while in fact, their country has much more to offer than natural resources in poor Germany. Only the law of the country and their teachers while sitting side by side with a black Ghanaian keeps them in check and disciplined.

The noise from Ghana in German society is too much. Current hardships of Ghana cause big laughter even among young students that know NPP came into power because of Ghanaians being unhappy about the policy of the NDC that itself got into Castle Osu about the unhappiness about the NPP policy and African rigging of elections by both parties.

The laughing increases in the inner circle of Germans and German youth when they listen to the heated debates in Ghana about the current situation and the call for the youth to rise and take over.

"But that is laughable. The youth is not experienced. What do they know about how to run a country? Look at us here no one of us would dare to be so proud and think we could run a nation."

"Do not forget Arab Spring. People were angry and took to the streets with no idea and detailed plan no vision of a better future. My lecturer mentioned General Charles DeGaulle in his London exile setting up a government. When D-Day came he came to France and established the fourth Republic very successfully and well prepared. The establishment of the EU was the great vision he came back home with."

"I know the lecturer you refer to."

Overhearing from behind a mighty tree their conversation I got up and walked over to the lecture hall.

Ghanaians are busybodies talking about wasting time, money, and a better future is a pain in the ears of ordinary Germans. Talking without actions and actions without a vision and detailed plan is nothing but a lasting joke but never a reason to be taken seriously.

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