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16.04.2005 Feature Article

I am matured enough

I am matured enough
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Make a point and let it sound negative or unacceptable to a fellow Ghanaian, what kind of respond do you expect? Insults and insults. (the matured ones excluded)

There is a tale over a Ghanaian and a Nigerian who were both apprehended by the police in Germany. Both were residing illegally in that country. The Nigerian did not waste time in taking to his heels. He was never caught! The Ghanaian stayed and decided to fool the police with falsified papers. He ended being deported back to Ghana.

Every Ghanaian is a lawyer, we hate to be challenged and yet we fail to put up substantiated defense.

People who do not share our opinions automatically become our enemies. This immature behavior is reflected at almost all levels of our society. Politicians, statesmen, web surfers etc.

People are quick to offer insults rather than provide alternatives in a rather civilized manner. This 'typical culture' of ours has eaten deep into development as a nation rendering us to ridicule.

Why can't we argue or disagree without insults, abuses etc?

What is our ulterior motive? Prevent others from expressing their opinions?

Ironically we appreciate the freedom of expression in proud nations such as the United Sates, UK etc. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Shame unto those who can't argue without insults and abuses!

To my fellow web surfers, whenever someone insults you for expressing your opinion, simply write back..' I am matured enough' nothing more, nothing less. Nana Osei Sankofa Television, The Netherlands. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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