20.06.2022 Feature Article

Ghana Heads of State have broken their oath of office

Ghana Heads of State have broken their oath of office
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Societies that have enough money to provide a good life for their people have the moral opportunity to spend extra money to taste. Countries in financial turmoil see spending to taste as a betrayal to their generation and future.

Public interventions (hospitals, roads, factories, funds to support the development, etc.) are not the brainchild of a politician but of individuals and groups picked up by politicians in power or the once to reach power. The financing comes from the public money purse.

In Democratic societies, the race is on to be seen as a hero, the nation's savior at the top of the nation ready to go for the next round in the office. Notably, the Presidents of such nations do not launch an e.g. completed hospital with the words that due to the contribution of society and the taxpayers the intervention was made possible, and the office holder humbly launches the hospital. The President instead expects to be praised for the new hospital under his watch and patronage.

Sod cutting and launching ceremonies are needed to make a project work for the nation? Or only a "nice to have" event? JD Mahama, former President of Ghana stood high on the tarmac of the Kwame Nkrumah interchange. A stage was put up, many dignitaries by his side, and was life broadcast on TV to launch the interchange. All these cost money including the loss in productivity of the participants and viewers. Certainly taking the barricades aside to let the traffic freely flow would have been possible and a powerful sign of a responsible leader that understands the needs and situation of his people. Traveling with an enormous entourage up North or West or East of Ghana consumes state funds unnecessary that can create jobs and even eradicate poor SHS education and make hospitals function and function well.

The current President is enjoying himself at the expense of the nation equally as many of his predecessors did. The thinking of Ghanaians in the categories of party politics as a do-or-die affair instead of a better nation to be built is more than astonishing and concerning. Trapped in these rivers of thinking and the youth not ready to take over, angry but not prepared with a great vision and a detailed plan to make the vision a reality, the well-established mess under the state of mind of the good people of Ghana will linger on under all political parties.

The white man struggles like a drowning frog in a dirty and dead pond to find a solution to the upcoming mess of African overpopulation and the consequences of exploited natural resources and future increase in food production due to the effects of climate change (cost of irrigation). The taxpayers back in Europe get more and more nervous wondering why Aid support for generations now did and does not bear lasting positive results but pushed unwanted economic migrants into their societies with so many more to come. White politicians behind the scenes enjoy African poverty of mind and in real life knowing a poor corrupt man is easier to control than a rich, independent free mind. But the population of Europe is about to think against the political establishment of their nations.

When the problem on the ground can't be solved from far and standing with advice on the sidelines of the history of Africa is not helping as being powerless history will repeat itself but in a different form. Among the youth of Europe today clear signs are to be witnessed that they know about the threat to their future marching from Africa into their territory. They look desperately for answers as they well know the youth of Africa is not prepared for the takeover of Africa.

The youth in Europe can easily be brainwashed by fake solutions seen past weekend in France and the gains of votes for the French Parliament. All these shifts in politics are only because in Ghana Presidents break the oath of office unpunished.

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