"Breaking the Eight (8)": Most Expensive Joke of the NPP

Feature Article Breaking the Eight 8: Most Expensive Joke of the NPP
JUN 17, 2022 LISTEN

Fellow Ghanaians, after almost six years of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in government, the three most popular monikers that have become synonymous to the Nana Addo-Bawumia government are liars, failure, and jokers.

Say what you like, when a blind man vows to throw a stone at you, it means he has already stepped on it. No two ways about that.

The latest what could be described as "Dajjal" and Antichrist ambitions of the governing NPP that suggest a perpetuation of the current satanic, unmerciful, reckless, clueless, and reckless government, are not only to be considered as lack of anachronism of social courtesy, but an outright anathema and sinful as far as Ghana's political dispensation is concerned in recent times.

Their brand new slogan of "breaking the eight" must not be taken as mere platitudes and empty mantra that is motivated by psychopathic shitposting and borderline personality disorder. A rat that is making mockery of the cat has already sighted a hole.

For the NPP, this rathole or blind man's stone is the Ashanti Region where it has been a rumor and suspicion that men and women in that part of Ghana vote with their hearts and emotions and not with their heads in principle. Competent leadership means nothing to these people. And would therefore do anything to maintain a candidate that looks like them in both anatomy and nomenclature, irrespective of such a candidate’s comprehensive mess and prove of incompetence!

The fact that majority of the suffering masses are their own people is not a problem, once the candidate can't distinguish in pronunciation between the letters "l" and "r", he's the right candidate for many of these people. These are Ghanaians who have declared war on conscience and principles.

Nonetheless, if there's anything Ghanaians may not pardon Akufo Addo of in spite of his flailing and drowning government, it is to use incumbency advantage to assist whoever emerges as a Flagbearer of the NPP to achieve the expensive joke of their so-called "breaking the eight".

Ghanaians may pardon mismanagement of the economy by the President; they may pardon the wonton corruption by President Akufo Addo; The garrison politics of nepotism and buccaneering may be forgiven by Ghanaians. What we will never tolerate is to fraudulently force another mess by the NPP upon us by rigging the impending 2024 presidential election.

As we are going into this all most important general elections to decide the future of Ghana, let every well-meaning Ghanaian be on guard, remain vigilant, vibrant, and diligent before, during, and after the election.

Ghanaians must as well condemn to the backwaters of civilization, the pattern of voting that do not consider Ghana first but preoccupied by primordial, mediaeval, and unenlightened sentiments.

It is pathetic that despite the comatose state of the economy due to unprecedented corruption, plain incompetence couple with betrayal of principle of civil governance in pursuant of incessant debauchery and haram luxury, some members of the ruling party still have the proclivity and humanity in them to talk about leading this country again?


What an impudence? We can’t tolerate NPP’s impunity any longer.

In Dagbani we say "Kun-dung zi buu la'ri" (the wolf has no regard for the price of a goat). As a result, when it (wolf) gets one (goat) to devour, it chews it without throwing a single bone of the goat away.

We must not allow ourselves and our dear nation to be milked perpetually by men and women who have no regard for future generation of this country and who know the value of nothing in the management of people.

Fellow Ghanaians, we shouldn't sit aloof and watch another electoral heist like the NPP's magic victory in the last election, and the highly questionable justice delivered by the supreme court in the aftermath of the 2020 supreme court election petition hearing. For those who laid their lives through toil, and a mixture of sweat and blood to put up this state called Ghana, would never forgive us. And the God of this very land shall forever hold us accountable for this benighted treachery perpetrated against it.

This is a national call and duty to all clean, long-minded and kind-hearted Ghanaians to rise up against this latest Antichrist demands of the NPP.

Fellow Ghanaians, history teaches mankind that, for those who worship the banana must not be offended to worship the plantain. After all, "all-die" is still "be-die". We certainly can do worst than this. Kicking this government and the NPP party out of political power is a civil and patriotic duty no patriotic citizen should hesitate to do.

Fellow Ghanaians, it is only a fool who allows his testicles stepped on twice. We can't afford another four more gangsterism and plundering of our commonwealth to satiate one man's greed and luxury in this country.

We must not allow any 4More4NPP to steal more. The economy has bled enough. We need a fresh breathe of new government.

And the former president, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is our best bet. Which I dare say and warn, with humility and respect, those jostling for the Flagbearership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to hold their horses. The "political carcass" that has been created due to the flat failure of the NPP they see and are hovering around as a result, wouldn't be made editable by just any candidate. That is why President Mahama must be given-one-enough-rope in the upcoming NDC's Touchbearer contest.

Fellow Ghanaians, the truth is that if we allow another successful electoral heist and criminality like the last election, we would have robbed and extinguished the ray of light and hope of our dear nation. President Akufo Addo and his cronies would walk away unhindered with their loot at the expense of the country's irredeemable failure and collapse. Like it has happened to Sri Lanka.

In fact, the Wion reported in corroboration of the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) prediction of countries whose economies are on the sharp edges of cliffs ready to somersault to their deaths, including Ghana due to debt distress and depression.

But the coming of a new government means that Ghana can retrieve chunk of money and state properties stolen and appropriated by this group of political imposters. In the meantime this may serve as oxygen and buffer to the economy that will keep it afloat while the new government comb round for resources to bring the economy back on its feet.

To be honest, fellow Ghanaians, the NPP has candidates who appear exuding aroma of honesty and brandishing what looks like the wherewithal capable of managing the affairs of the nation. But not beyond this point of the NPP’s checkered trajectory of economic management.

Indeed, candidate like Alan Kyarematen, and his likes, are people who seem distant away from the current mess by the Nana Addo government.

However, since no fruit falls far away from the tree, it is possible for them to have "political genes" of the Akufo Addo administration. And one more mistake of entertaining any resemblance of the current government means Ghana shall never come back from its current economic coma.

Consequently, guaranteed that all this men were part of the so-called men His Excellency the President assembled to assist him govern, leadership of the country by each of them could be another catastrophe. Even though the government is being ran by Akufo Addonian philosophy, these men, if there's any trace of competence in any of them, should have helped rescue the government.

But they have chosen or coerced to fail and sink with the government, and have not been able to individually perched themselves from the mess. In fact, Alan Cash’s incompetent contribution has been part and parcel in the running aground of the country. In fact, if I were him the last thing I will do is to think of continuing with a mess like this. Let him bow out of this race with his dignity in tact.

Therefore, unless a joke I trust some sane minds in the NPP would prevail upon this group of jokers to halt their expensive jokes of “breaking the eight”. For such a joke has the tendency of sparking a governmental or political cum both social and economic Armageddon in the country.

Indeed, jokes like that should be tantamount to treason, and coercive apparatus of the state should have prevailed upon these Lilliputians, political drabs and turncoat.

In Sha Allah, I Shall Return.