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28.03.2005 Feature Article

REJOINER: Editorial - Forget About The People, Give Us Visa

REJOINER: Editorial - Forget About The People, Give Us Visa
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I want to start by asking 2 key questions:

1. Is the Lens (the source of this editorial) a print media or an internet based newspaper?

2. Is the caption of this editorial an original one submitted by the Lens?

I am these questions because I want the editor or whoever is responsible for this RUBBISH editorial to come again. Can they publish this rejoinder in their media?

Can the Lens tell the whole world what else was discussed at the meeting with the President, or the visa is the only issue they picked to report on. Ghanaians are smarter enough to tell the difference between good and objective reporting from rubbish journalism.

I stated in my earlier contribution to this discussion that the Churches in Ghana are involved in more humanitarian and spiritual welfare of the general citizenry than any other institution. They go to places and set up clinics and schools where no government or other organizations don't want to go. The evidence is there for all to see.

One thing we must know is that the churches depend mostly on contributions of affiliate religious groups overseas. For instance, the Presbyterian Church depends on most Churches and religious institutions in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and the US for supporting their health care and educational programs in the rural areas of Ghana.

Don't forget about the Agogo Hospital, the Donkorkrom Hospital in the Afram Plains and one in Tease, serving these deprived areas, not to mention the numerous mobile health programs in the northern areas of Ghana. These are just example, not to mention what other churches notably, the Catholic Church, the Salvation Army; the Muslim groups are doing to alleviate the suffering of the people.

It is insane to suggest that the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church met with the President to complain about problems with visa acquisition. Can the Lens report in detail all the deliberations that took place at the meeting? - May be I should leave that to the Editor of the Christian Messenger to do that. But for the record the church in Ghana is doing more than enough for the general well-being of the entire country, not just its members. - Do not overlook this fact and dwell on only one issue raised by the Moderator at a meeting with the President.

Our democracy guarantees freedom of speech, but that does not imply editors can misinform mis-educate and mislead millions of Ghanaians with bogus reporting. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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