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2023: People that should not political represent Ndigbo at any level

2023: People that should not political represent Ndigbo at any level
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1. Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Abia State Governor:

Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu needs not much introduction. He is currently the governor of Abia State, and the third tragedy that has befallen Abia since its creation in 1991 – after Orji Uzo Kalu and Theodore Orji. He wants to go to the senate after his woeful performance as a governor.

Anyone who understands what failure means has understood what Ikpeazu represents as a politician. He was and is still a catastrophe in Abia State, and we don’t need “to reinforce failure.” Therefore, sending this man to the senate is trying to strengthen disaster.

The people of Abia South should take note and not to make the mistake of supporting this man and his ambition of becoming a senator. His ambition is for his personal interest. If he could not do anything reasonable in Abia State as a governor won’t anyone be foolish to think that he would do something better as a senator? Whatever this man thinks that is an achievement he made cannot be compared to what Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo popularly called OZB achieved as a legislature.

OZB is a House of Representative Member, representing Nkwere/Isu/Nwangele/Njaba Federal Constituency. He is an incredible politician doing wonders for his people. He is aggressively empowering them and unbelievably developing his constituency. Because of his high quality and reasonable representative of his people, I am now an adopted son of Nwangele - OZB’s home. Go to his constituency and make inquiries and you will be positively shocked. May God bless him.

2. Princess Miriam Onuoha:

Princess Onuoha is a member of the House of the Representatives. She is currently representing Onuimo/Isiala Mbano/Okigwe Federal Constituency under APC. She took over from Hon. Obinna Onwubuariri of PDP after the court had nullified Onwubuariri’s victory in 2020.

There is absolutely nothing very reasonable she has done for her constituency to make one with conscience say that she has done well and deserves another chance. For instance, many villages from her own clan has no electricity. What did she do in this regard? But some people out of their selfish interests make false claims publicly as the reasons why they are endorsing her for the second term.

It is high time that Ndigbo started to get things politically right. For this reason, we all must begin to call a spade a spade by saying things the way they are for the sake of the development of our youths and region.

Let us show Okezie and Onuoha their disappointing report cards and keep them where they rightly belong to deter others from following the same path – because every failure has a consequence.

Uzoma Ahamefule, A concerned patriotic citizen and a refined African traditionalist, writes from Vienna, Austria.

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