Petition To Withdraw Prospecting / Mining License(s) Issued For Mantukwa And Its Environs – Aiyinasi North

By Ghana Environmental Advocacy Group
Petitions Mining destruction along River Tano, Western Region, Ghana
JUN 14, 2022 LISTEN
Mining destruction along River Tano, Western Region, Ghana

June 12, 2022

The Executive Director,
Minerals Commission Ghana Accra

Dear Sir,

We have learnt with dismay the alleged granting of a prospecting / Mining license to small scale mining companies to prospect for gold in Aiyinasi North in the Elembenle district. We have also received video evidence showing men purporting to be elders of Aiyinasi and Basake stools performing rituals for the smooth start of such an activity at the banks of the Nren stream at Mantukwa, also known as Mandumgbane in Nzema.

We are dismayed because the area in question has a very fragile ecosystem that revolves around the very clear and serene Nrem Stream as is evidenced in the picture attached (Appendix 1). People, flora, and fauna in and around the area depend on the stream, and all have coexisted for centuries.

We have seen the devastating effect of prospecting / mining activities of licensees of the Minerals Commission Ghana on such fragile ecosystems. A case in point is the Esuoso Stream in Tarkwa (picture attached, appendix 2), River Tano, River Ankobra, River Subile, Offin, Pra, Birim among others. The abysmal performance of the Minerals Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Forestry Commission, the District Assemblies and others in the Mining Regulatory space in Ghana in safeguarding our waterbodies and other fragile ecosystems like Mantukwa means that we the citizens of Ghana and of Ellembelle cannot rely on any assurances from either your organization or the concession holder to protect and safeguard Nrem and Mantukwa's fragile ecosystems.

We, therefore, call on you to withdraw the said license(s) issued. We are making the same appeal to his majesty King Kaku Aka III of Nzema, Awulae Amihyia Kpanyinli of Ellembelle, Hon MP Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah and Hon DCE Kwasi Bonzoh of Ellembelle and elders of the Aiyinasi and Basake stools to take action to ensure that the said licensee (s) desist (s) from any activity in the area that would jeopardize Nrem and Mantukwa and its environs.

We look forward to your prompt action on this very important issue.

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth Allua Vaah
For Ghana Environmental Advocacy Group; Concerned Nzema Citizens in Ghana and the Diaspora, Nzema Koyele Eku and Associated Bodies.

Tumivole Kaku Aka III Awulae Amihyia Kpanyinli
Hon MP Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah Hon DCE Bonzoh Kwasi
Mr Enderson, Elder, Aiyinasi Stool
Captain Retired Nana Bonya Kofi, Chief of Basake

Nrem Stream – Mantukwa Mandumgbane, Aiyinasi NorthNrem Stream – Mantukwa (Mandumgbane), Aiyinasi North

Esuoso Stream – TarkwaEsuoso Stream – Tarkwa

Mining destruction along River Tano, Western Region, GhanaMining destruction along River Tano, Western Region, Ghana

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