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Whites are called to rule over Ghana

Whites are called to rule over Ghana
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In his last appearance on Metro TV well known "Journalist" Paul Adam Otchere defended the building of a National Cathedral in Accra and by his words called for the white man to rule the nation again.

On the night of the independence of Ghana in 1957 Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of the new country, declared in his famous speech: "When the black man is finally free he can manage his affairs." 65 years down history the blessed nation of Ghana is still struggling to meet ends needs on all fronts of society while in fact by its God-given potential should be standing above even countries like Germany.

The private pledged to God-given by the current President of the NPP Nana Akufo-Addo becomes now an affair for the entire nation and a burden on the shoulders of the Ghanaian citizens. What once was a private matter, then a subject to voluntary donation had become a state affair by demolishing state-owned properties for the church grounds, calling in Parliament of the Minister for Finance of Ghc 100 to be donated by the citizens each and constantly ending in the hardship of e-levy taxation.

Paul Otchere said in defense of the National Cathedral that not the justice system nor the economic system can save Ghana only the Almighty, Eloim, can do it. By his words, he confessed that the political system is broken. All political parties in Ghana have contributed to the current state of affairs of Ghana. When he proclaims only God can help and therefore the Cathedral must be built by the nation he calls on God to bring outsiders back to Ghana to fix the country.

It can be assumed he is not thinking of outsiders from other African countries that lead their nations from poverty crises to poverty crises but the old colonial masters. This time round most certainly as Servants to the nation of Ghana like coaches in football helping a nation in desperate need of salvation. History always comes back in different forms.

Archbishop Duncan Williams in an interview with Paul Otchere in 2019 said to him: "The wind is blowing. Not now but from 2020, or 2022 going. There will be an African Spring." The Military eventually will take over soon -Nigeria will follow to fall next in the Domino affair- and the Military will ask a white man from Europe to fix the nation on a United Nations approach.

When a government uses such loudspeakers they work like the trumpets of Jericho ending time in history. This can be seen all around the world in cases like fake news in Russia, USA, Myanmar, and China to mention a few.

When a political party in power allows and promotes one prominent loudspeaker like Paul Otchere to come out that massively in public it lays the foundation os own downfall. It is never wise to sit on the wrong side of a tree branch when someone wants to cut that piece off.

Currently, history is repeating itself. China has taken over Africa through the backdoor, right now Russia is going down the same path while countries like Germany unable to understand the African spirit comes up with solutions not targeting the African mess.

In some corners of Africa opposition against countries with no genuine interest in them but only exploiting the nations gradually arises these occupying outsiders. They will eventually face the consequences of the struggle for African true independence similar to the former European Colonial Masters.

A country never collapses from the outside but implodes from within.

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