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African societies: fake or real or only different?

African societies: fake or real or only different?
09.06.2022 LISTEN

The Bible asks believers that are sick to say they are healthy to get healthy, and the poor to declare themselves as rich to become rich.

Walking up and down Ghana impressive SUVs 8 are parked outside very modest if not poor houses. Church members are dressed in fancy expensive wax prints while back home find it difficult to have a three square meal each day. This observation makes outsiders wonder and think.

Friends are made to help, comfort, and progress, and to share ups and downs in life. To get closer to a friend and see him as a brother or sister he or she must know and feel you are like any human being, a holistic creation from God just like the friend. Sharing of feelings, thoughts, happiness, and problems deepen the friendship across all boundaries and possible limitations. The friend will realize in time of need he/she can well relate to you as an experienced person.

Societies that believe to hide problems behind closed doors often see serious marriage damage if not even covered up domestic violence. Africans tend to solve marriage differences and misunderstandings behind closed doors.

The outside view on problems can often help to solve the problem between people faster and better. The pastor is often the first place to call and ask for spiritual intervention to solve the problems. Mothers or fathers, best friends, or close neighbors mainly are not the people to run to for advice. Problems in the real world must be solved by spiritual guidance in the real world by real people.

White societies are very different from the African way of life. Problems in the heart of a human being are shared with trusted friends to release the emotional and physical pressure and get back to inner balance. This strengthens the friendship and triggers a chain reaction of a society growing together and together.

African societies have a lifestyle far from it. Does it mean that trust is limited even in close families and among friends, to pretend marriages have no problems at the time problems show up?

When the Bible is demanding from us to be each other's Stewarts and the wife the helper of her husband we are called to show ourselves as holistic human beings and not as pretenders.

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