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Scaling The Walls Of Life - Part 10

Scaling The Walls Of Life - Part 10
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I stayed in Accra for sometime for fear of being served with a second court writ. This made things even worse on the farm. I needed to be there to provide leadership and to guide the workers on my vision for the project, so once a while I sneaked there and stayed indoor till nightfall.

Someone called me aside one day and told me that he believed what was happening on the farm in connection with the litigation has some spiritual undertones so he will advise me to yield to any demand of the plaintiff because my life is more important. I didn't know how I was going to let go my pension project worth so much.

I became emotional, and told the person that if it is alleged that those litigating with me dabble in charms and I claim to serve the living God, it will be up to God to look on for His child to be overcome by such powers. In this case, people would be encouraged to worship those gods instead of Him. I'm sure the very moment I said that, the battle no longer belonged to me, but to the Lord. He had to prove Himself strong.

I gradually left my hideout and became visible on the farm for one month; those informants saw me, but no bailiff came to serve me. I started driving to the village and though my car was parked on the farm most of the time, no one approached me. Eight months passed and there was no show. Someone hinted me that the family head who gave the Power of Attorney had been bedridden for more than eight months.

My prayer was for him to get well so God could allow him to testify to others and impact their lives. It's important to note that all of us will die one day. It's just a matter of time so it would be unconscionable for anyone to wish somebody dead, not even your worst enemy. Unfortunately, he passed on a few months latter. One of the informants also mysteriously lost his life shortly.

As I write, the rumour buzzing around is that the plaintiff is also critically ill. We have a prayer altar in the middle of the farm where we worship and pray. On a number of occasions we have prayed that God should have mercy on him and heal him fast if indeed he is unwell.

On the issue between Kwesi and I, the chief wanted to carry out his threat to refer the matter to the Okyehene's Palace because Kwesi was adamant, but considering the cost of going to Kyebi and the possibility of consulting an oracle there to ascertain the truth which I didn't want to be part of, I decided to discontinue the case with the hope that the same God who revealed that secret to me will continue to fight my battles for me.

God willing I will end this series tomorrow. Don't miss it. I believe you will be blessed.

Anthony Obeng Afrane

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