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The Gospel according to Kuffour, Chapter 2: Verses 1 - 5 (Revised NPP Version)

The Gospel according to Kuffour, Chapter 2: Verses 1 - 5 (Revised NPP Version)
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1. Blessed are the nephews, nieces, uncles, in-laws, dogs, cats, of Kuffour, for they and only they shall serve in Government. Ghana is made up of approximately 20 million people. Of this, about 40% or 8 million are adults of voting age. Out of this number, one can find at worst 100 thousand qualified Ghanaians who can serve as ministers and heads of government institutions. With this background, it is disheartening that a disproportionate number of ministers are members of the Kuffour clan (abusua). Nephews, brothers, sisters, nieces, in-laws, pets appear to be the only smart, dedicated, and deserving people worthy of serving in the government. This is nepotism at its worst. 2. Blessed are the thieves, liars, cheaters, deceivers, heartbreakers, drama kings and queens, for they shall be appointed ministers of state. Mr. President, your appointment and re-appointment of Dr. Richard “Medi a Medi” Anane in the face of serious allegation bordering on corruption and graft is shameful and flies in the face of common sense. I don't care too much about the “baby mama drama” stuff (disgraceful as it is) but I am concerned about the minister dipping his “soiled hands” (who knows where those hands have been) into Ghana Airways coffers. That is a serious issue that should have been investigated. You allowed the nomination to stand and the sycophantic and dogmatic NPP MPs shamefully confirmed him. The additional nomination and subsequent confirmation of Isaac “No Class” Edumadze goes on to buttress the point that Mr. President, you are not a man of principles. Your mantra of zero tolerance for corruption is nothing but a hollow chant. 3. Woe to anyone who is not a member of the NPP for he or she shall be tortured, beaten, maimed, or killed. The seeds of democracy have been sowed by Rawlings and the P/NDC. What Ghanaians want from you is that you will water and nature the seed to mature and blossom. That is strengthen democratic principles, the rule of law, fundamental human rights, etc to be enjoyed by all and every Ghanaian irrespective of age, sex, religion, social stature, political affiliation, etc. Mr. President, your actions and inactions on the following events is making Ghanaians wonder if you are up to the task. The torture and brutalizing of Mobila resulting in his death The massacre of Ya Na and countless others under your watch Apprentice Kusi jailed for his opinions on presidential travels 4. Blessed are the people who have contributed in any way to the NPP, for they shall be awarded frivolous ministerial positions. Fiscal responsibility, ministerial appointment versus jobs for the boys. Mr. President you failed miserably in your first term in the number of ministers you appointed. As I recall, you criticized the NDC government on this same issue while you were in opposition. You now have so many ministers and deputies I have lost count. Just to name a few; Minister for Aviation, Minister for Railways, Minister for Modernization of the Capital, three Ministers of Education, etc. Haba, Mr. President? What is next; Minister in Charge of Liaising with Ghanaians abroad (they are the highest source of foreign exchange in Ghana), Junior Minister (why not, we have a senior minister), Minister in Charge of Religion (I am surprised you have not done this already), Minister of Defense in Charge of Navy, Minister of Defense in Charge of Army, Minister of Defense in Charge of Air Force, Minister of Information in Charge of IT, Ministers at the Office of the Vice President (we have at the office of the president), Ministers at the Office of First Lady, Ministers with Nothing to Do, Minister in Charge of Propaganda, Minister for Unification of ECOWAS, etc. 5. Blessed are the coup plotters for they shall never be condemned by President Kuffour (as long they are not called JJ Rawlings). Mr. President, silence is golden but your silence on the Togo crisis is hypocritical. Military interventions in all forms must be condemned. However, you continued dilly-dallying with Eyadema until his untimely (some people might think it was timely) death was shameful and smites of double standards. However, you failure to condemn the action by the military brass in making Eyadema's son the president is shameful. You have condemmed Rawlings and his military interventions in the past. You were among the organizers of the Kume Preko demonstrations against Rawlings and his government. Mr. President, you need to have principles and be “all or nothing” as far as military interventions are concerned.

I want to sign of by congratulating President Kuffour on his re-election for another 4 year term. I wish him the very best and I hope that he has a clear agenda that would move Ghana towards a per capita income of $500. Mr. President, you have to realize that the buck stops with you. Any action or inaction by members of your government is your responsibility. You don't need anyone to remind you that Ghanaians gave you a mandate to serve them, not lord over them or watch as they are killed, raped, tortured and maimed. Don't ever forget that there is a greater power that watches over the poor, innocent, and defenseless in our society. We would answer to this higher power one day.

PS. Information reaching me indicates that Satan himself has abandoned hell (for an undisclosed location) on the approach of you “buddy” Eyadema. Kwame Appiah-Yeboah GCE Common Entrance (2X), GCE O'Level, GCE A'Level (2X), Post Sec, Dip. in Education, BSc, Post Grad. Dip., CNA, MSc, MPhil., MBA, CPA, CFA, PhD, MSCFT Cert. OIG, FBI, CNN, RIP Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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